Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 139

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Huang Yue Li also raised her eyebrows.

For she had already recognized the leader of the group. He was Mo Si, the subordinate of Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s owner.

“He came with impeccable timing!”

When Huang Yue Li thought of their supporting master, her lips subconsciously rose into a curve. She, herself did not notice this.

Each and every guard stood quietly in position at the entrance. They did not make any further movements or sounds. But this eerie silence caused the others to feel an unnatural chill.

Silently Mo Si walked inside, his gaze naturally landed on Manager Sun.

“Manager Sun, you may go rest.”

Following his words, the trembling Manager Sun was escorted to a chair in the side of the room.

After his was settled, Mo Si’s gaze turned to the Crown Prince. His tone frigid.

“Your Highness, daring to create a disturbance in our Thousand Treasure Pavilion. You are the first!”

Mo Si was at the fourth stage, the Dan Profound Realm. Due to the large disparity between their cultivation, it took all of the Crown Prince’s willpower to not retreat. His legs had already softened from fright.

“You……so you are the owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion?” The Crown Prince asked with some reservations.

Mo Si did not speak but returned the question with a icy gaze.

Although the Crown Prince could not bear such a tremendous pressure, he still forced himself to speak out.

“Great Owner, this Prince…..does not wish to cause such a ruckus in Thousand Treasure Pavilion. But it’s all….it was Manager Sun who took this too far!”

Originally, the Crown Prince planned on accusing Thousand Treasure Pavilion of misconduct. But as soon as he saw Mo Si’s awe-inspiring aura, he immediately shifted his intentions. He pinned all blame on Manager Sun’s head.

Hurriedly he continued to speak: “In hopes of selling the profound armament for a higher price, Manager Sun actually ordered a waiter to purposely disturb this Prince. Resulting in this Prince’s astronomical figure! This kind of thing……were to spread out, it would ruin Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s reputation. You should give this Prince a proper explanation right?”

Just previously, the Crown Prince had used an imposing tone to speak. But now, he was using a negotiative tone to gain a bit of justice.

Mo Si replied: “How do you wish for us to explain?”

“This…..since this is an issue relating to an auction bid, the bid can no longer be valid……as for this profound armor set, this Prince will purchase it for ten million silvers. Then this problem can be overlooked and forgotten….”

Originally the Crown Prince had planned to use the reasoning of Thousand Treasure Pavilion abusing its power to present to him an optimal result.with that in mind, he would be able to openly snatch a set of profound armor home.

But with the situation turning to such a degree, he no longer dared to make such a request.

Taking any advantages was no longer possible. At that very moment, all the Crown Prince wished to do was to minimise his losses as much as possible.

That being said, Mo Si coldly laughed in response: “Your Highness, there are two things you are mistaken in.”

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At a loss, the Crown Prince stared at Mo Si. A dreadful sense of unease rising within.

Mo Si immediately followed with: “The first mistake…..the owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion is my family’s master. I am merely a bodyguard. Your Highness, you have recognized the wrong person!”

“What? !” The Crown Prince cried out in surprise.

When he saw Mo Si’s cultivation and aura, it was one that clearly belonged to an expert. His pressure easily suppressing the weak.

Because of this, he unknowingly assumed Mo Si to be the Owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion. While in reality, such a powerful cultivator was merely a bodyguard? Then the “Master” that he spoke of, what universally shocking person would he be?

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Chapter 139