Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 138

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“Dare to quibble! Clearly it was you who ordered someone to appear before the auction to purposely open that bottle wine. Resulting in this Prince’s inability to hear your words and astronomical bids! For the sake of earning more commission, you dared to pull such underhand methods! Do you think that this Prince is such a good tempered person to be cheated by you like this?”

With those accusatory words dropping, the Crown Prince’s pressure had reached its peak!

Manager Sun was merely a merchant, so there was no possibility of him experiencing such pressure before. His back drenched with cold sweat, he completely collapsed into the ground.

“We are certain we have not scammed you. The bottle of wine you speak of, this lowly really has no knowledge of! It has nothing to do with Thousand Treasure Pavilion!”

The Crown Prince coldly sneered, “You say you do know of the events that occurred in your Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s territory? Did you think this Prince is an idiot?”

“Crown Prince, quell your anger! Crown Prince, quell your anger! This lowly one has been wrongly accused!”

The Crown Prince completely ignored his explanations and began to talk frostily.

“Quell my anger? That won’t do. I order people to come and carry these profound armaments away for this Prince. Consider this compensation for this Prince! In addition to this, ten days later, have someone deliver three million gold over to the Royal Palace. Then this affair can be forgotten, otherwise…..hmph!”

The Crown Prince’s subordinates had been waiting for him at the entrance. When they heard his commands, they immediately entered and began to carry the chests away.

Hurriedly, Manager Sun stood up in an attempts to stop them.

“You can’t. We cannot do it like this! These are profound armaments worth millions of gold! Your Royal Highness Crown Prince, you cannot rob those treasures like so! Ai-yo!”

As Manager Sun attempted to block the entrance, he was effortlessly kicked to the side by the Crown Prince’s imperial bodyguard. He was unable to stand up.

It was chaos outside of the storeroom.

Watching from the side, Huang Yue Li continuously shook her head.

Thousand Treasure Pavilion really was a small business in a small country. Facing the Crown Prince’s attitude, Manager Sun was frightened to the extremes. It was just far too embarrassing.

There were numerous businesses within Tian Ling Continent who held profound backgrounds. And they also possessed great power.

Not to mention the Crown Prince, even if it were a ninth layer pinnacle practitioner at the Emperor Profound Realm, they would not dare to act arrogantly in their presence! They all needed to obediently follow the set rules!

If they dared to act like this, they would definitely be unable to bring the food home to eat!

Huang Yue Li could only shake her head in disappointment. She assumed that Manager Sun could make the Crown Prince obediently pay the sum without her assistance.

Jumping down from the chest, she dusted of any dirt on her skirt and lightly spoke out.

“Your Royal Highness…”

She had only spoken a few words, before the weather suddenly changed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They heard a few loud sounds before a few people were knocked to the ground. They were like dead dogs, not moving a muscle.

Looking closely, you would see they were the Crown Prince’s imperial bodyguards who had just exited the storeroom. Knocked unconscious, they were sent flying back inside.

Those still inside the storeroom were shocked by what they saw.

A group of black clothed guard silently entered. By their attitudes, they seemed to have surrounded the storeroom.

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“You……you people……”

The Crown Prince subconsciously took a step back.

He was someone who had experience the world. So a single glance told him these people were not ordinary.

These guards……each and every single one possessed superior auras; possessing unfathomably deep cultivations. Not only this, they all held cold and extreme killing intents.

This kind of grandeur could only be emitted by those who had experience countless bloody battles. Using years to hone themselves on the battlefield before reaching such a height!

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Chapter 138