Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 136

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This Profound armour set was painstakingly crafted by Huang Yue Li. Although its exterior was not eye catching, the effects were there. She was someone who cared more for the results, rather than the look.

The old merchant Manager Sun had to even request her to engrave a few more useless but eye-pleasing carvings and symbols.

In fact, the more decorative battle formations and carvings on the Profound Amor, the more profound qi it would exhaust long term. Towards a more experienced appraiser, this would result in a lowered evaluation of the product. Such methods were mostly used to scam laymen.

What a misfortune for the Crown Prince to be a wealthy layman.

The more he looked at the glowing profound armour, the more the Crown Prince liked it. Unable to control his smile, he waved his hand in appreciation: “Good! It’s really too good! Manager Sun, your Thousand Treasure Pavilion truly is good. To be able to obtain such a wonderful profound armor! Deserving of being South Yue’s best merchant hall!”

“You over praise is Your Highness!” This remark made Manager Sun extremely happy.

Huang Yue Li was also very happy. Holding her chin, she examined her work.

If she were to bring out a product, it must be the best!

Although this Crown Prince was a bit trashy, he still had good eyesight. That being the case, she would allow him a few days of rest…to collect some more money before scamming him again.

Only Bai Ruo Qi’s face was ugly looking.

But with the current events, no one paid her any attention.

Once the Crown Prince had completed his excited inspection, with the assistance of Manager Sun, he wore the armor for a test.

Activating the armor’s supplementary profound skill, his smashed the strength testing stone with one hit.

“This is just too powerful! By relying on this Profound armor alone, this Prince can barely manage to fight on par with a Spirit Profound Realm practitioner!” The Crown Prince widely beamed.

Taking of the profound armour, he waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. There are no problems! You can deduct the sum. Also have some people wrap it all up. This Prince will personally bring people over to retrieve it later.”

Grinning widely, Manager Sun replied to him: “Then I ask Your Royal Highness to pay your bill then!”

The Crown Prince was puzzled, “Hasn’t this one already given you the black card?”

Manager Sun immediately replied: “That’s correct, but your black card only has ten million silvers. Your Royal Highness, through what methods are you planning to defer the remainder of the sum? We can provide the….”

“Wait a moment!” Eyebrows frowning, the Crown Prince interrupted his words, “You are saying…that ten million is not enough?”

Manager Sun nodded his head in confirmation: “Your Royal Highness, you are also a esteemed VIP customer of Thousand Treasure Pavilion. So you should know that this shop always receives the full amount before handing the goods over…….”

“This Prince knows! But this Prince’s ten million is more than enough to pay the due amount! This profound armor is only three million. Even if you include that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills, there should still be more than enough!”

This time, it was Manager Sun’s turn to be puzzled.

Looking to the left, looking to the right, Manager Sun then cautiously and carefully asked: “Your Royal Highness, did you make a mistake somewhere? This profound armor is calculated through gold. So you did not buy it through three million silver coins, but three million gold coins!”

“What? What did you say? ?”

The Crown Prince did dare to believe his ears!

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Three million gold!

This was three million gold!

Although this profound armor set was expensive, it should be no higher than ten million silver. The current settled price was more than three times of what he expected!

Even if he disregarded whether or not it was worth the price, he would still not be able to take out three million!

As the Crown Prince stared at Manager Sun, his gaze became more and more gloomy.

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Chapter 136