Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 135

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Those were precious and hard to obtain second level upper grade products! How many martial practitioners would place their lives on the line but still fail to even obtain a single pill? Yet she actually planned to give them to those servants?

She didn’t hear incorrectly right?

Momentarily stunned, Bai Ruo Qi regained herself and snorted coldly: “Don’t think of tricking me anymore. Speaking all for the sake of angering me right? Do you think I’m an idiot? Will you truly feed those pills to a bunch of servants?”

“Eh, you…telling you the truth but refusing to believe me. Aren’t you forcing me to lie? Hah these years, just trying to speak the truth…it’s just too hard!”

Extremely aggrieved, Huang Yue Li helplessly shook her head and sighed.

The little phoenix who had been hiding in her sleeves silently nearly fell out again!

Lord! This female devil is becoming more and more twisted. For Bai Ruo Qi to continue remaining sane was already nothing short of a miracle. Truly deserving the title of South Yue’s number one female genius. Her mental prowess was truly amazing!

“Your Highness Crown Prince, two Young Miss Bais, I invite you inside!”

At that moment, Manager Sun’s voice sounded alerting them they had arrived at the storeroom.

Glaring at Huang Yue Li intensely, Bai Ruo Qi strutted inside.

Mouth curving in amusement, Huang Yue Li leisurely entered.

When she entered, Manager Sun had already taken out the Spirit Raising Pills: “This bottle of Spirit Raising Pills has already been identified and confirmed by the Alchemy Guild. It’s quality is very good. I ask you to take possession of it now.”

Just as Bai Ruo Qi wished to take it herself, Huang Yue Li’s hand had flashed by and received the bottle.


Lowering her head to examine it, Huang Yue Li nodded her head in satisfaction: “Eh, not bad, not bad. It’s quality can be considered high. These silvers were not spent in vain! Deduct the money then!”

That tone of hers seemed like she was the one who made the payment.

Clenching her teeth, Bai Ruo Qi could only watch as Manager Sun deduct the payment from the Crown Prince’s black card. Once completed he smiled and said: “I am indebted to Third Young Miss Bai’s patronage! For such guests who are generous like yourself, it is truly rare! In the future I ask that you continue to grace our shop!”

Huang Yue Li chuckled in response: “As long as your products are good, money will not be an issue!”

Stifled and having the urge to vomit, Bai Ruo Qi wailed over her Spirit Raising Pills….she couldn’t even touch the bottle’s exterior before the money was…..just…..just…..gone….gone….

What made her even more furious was the manner in which Manager Sun treated that cheap slut!

It was not her own money that she was spending, so of course she would be generous! If it were her, she would be even more generous!

In slow calculated steps, Huang Yue Li returned to the sides of the Bai Ruo Qi and the Crown Prince. Clutching the bottle, she beamed at them.

“Second Sister, Crown Prince, I really thank you both today!”

The Crown Prince looked at her unenthused and nodded his head slightly.

On the other hand, Bai Ruo Qi nearly exploded, “Third…..Sister, you have already obtained your pills, so why are you not leaving?”

“Ah?” Huang Yue Li acted surprised, “Didn’t the Crown Prince say he wished to inspect the profound armor? And he clearly agreed to allow me to watch and earn some worldly experiences right? Is he going back on his word?”

“You also wish to view the Crown Prince’s possessions? Dream o……”

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Impatient, the Crown Prince waved his hand to interrupt the two’s conversation.

“Enough! Enough quarrelling. If they wish to watch, then let them watch!”

In the meantime, Manager Sun commanded a few servants to carry all thirteen chests out. Opening all the chests, a cyan glowing set of armor appeared within their eyes.

“Indeed….it is a peak quality profound armor!”

The Crown Prince’s face lit up in delight. Stepping forward, he bent down to begin his examination.

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Chapter 135