Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 134

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Manager Sun said: “That is to be expected. I invite Your Royal Highness to the storeroom for inspection.”

As Manager Sun led the way, the Crown Prince could not hide his joy. So he pulled out a fan to disguise it, following leisurely behind.

Heart racing with panic, Bai Ruo Qi ran to catch up. But no matter what, she could not think of a way to inform him.

And what made her heart most anxious was the fact that Huang Yue Li had followed them.

“Why are you following us?” Bai Ruo Qu fiercely glared at her.

Huang Yue Li returned her glare with a smile: “Of course I am here to collect my pills? It has already been paid, so why would I not retrieve it? Wouldn’t that be throwing money into water?”

Those silvers were already thrown into the water! Once again, Bai Ruo Qi nearly fainted from anger!

Her eyes filled with despise, Bai Ruo Qi hissed to her: “Let me tell you this. Don’t be happy to early Bai Ruo Li! Did you think that you would be able to cultivate just by obtaining that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills? Haha, that may not be the case! Even if they are effective, you will be most a first grade talent! Never to break past the Defensive Profound Realm! No matter what you do, you are still trash!”

For a cultivational wastrel, even with the assistance of various medicinal pills, they would forever be stuck at the Qi Profound Realm. They would never be able to become an expert. At most they would merely possess a healthier and longer lifespan than normal.

Although Bai Ruo Qi’s words were harsh, they were the truth.

Contrary to her expectations, Huang Yue Li was not heartbroken or affected in the slightest. In fact, she was smiled with amusement.

“Who informed you that I would be the one to eat those Spirit Raising Pills?”

Though stunned, Bai Ruo Qi immediately recovered herself: “Looks like you know yourself! No matter how many pills you take, they would all be useless! You are just wasting those treasures! Since you are making the imitative to return those pills to me, I shall be the greater person and forgive you….”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Huang Yue Li raised a hand, “Second Sister aren’t you just a bit too full of yourself? Did I say that intend to give them to you?”

“Then……then why did you say you did not intend to take them…..”

Giving her a condescending look, Huang Yue Li answered, “I can choose not to eat them but sell them for money instead!”

“Sell…..sell for money? ?”

Bai Ruo Qi opened her eyes wide in shock. If Huang Yue Li really planned and sold those pills, then she would truly become a laughingstock!

Seeing her utter gaze of loathing, Huang Yue Li naturally would smile.

“Sell them for money….of course that would be impossible. Second Sister, don’t be so anxious.

Inwardly, Bai Ruo Qi loosed a sigh of relief while maintaining that look of despise. Disdainfully she said: “Humph, to be expected from someone like you. You planned to use such a precious resource as a method of earning money? What waste to be in your possession! Only true Qi Profound Realm practitioners would be able to absorb and display its full effects!”

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“That’s right, I also feel this way.” Huang Yue Li smirked lightly, “That’s why I plan to bring the pills back with me. So the servants in my Back Courtyard can take them instead.”

“What? ? ?”

“My personal maid, Cai Wei, you know her right Second Sister? Following me for such a long time and suffering so many beatings from you and Fourth Sister. So pitiful. When I return, I plan to give her three Spirit Raising Pills as compensation. Also my guard…..that sweeper……that gardner….eh, they can’t be left out! Why don’t I bestow them all a piece as a reward and let them have a taste?”

Mouth gaping and frozen in speechlessness, Bai Ruo Qi did not know what to say.

What did she think Spirit Raising Pills were? Candy? Lining up to eat. One for you, one for me? Everyone to have a taste?

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Chapter 134