Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 133

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Coughing lightly, Manager Sun interrupted the two: “Second Miss Bai, what is you current standing? There is quite a number of people waiting outside for their items. If possible, I ask that you pay as soon as possible and sort out your grudges at a later date.”

Bai Ruo Qi hesitated at those words.

In the moment where she could not retreat or advance, the silent Crown Prince spoke up.

“For this bottle of Spirit Raising Pills, just allow this one to pay!”

Once his words rung out, Bai Ruo Qi instantly swiveled her gaze onto the Crown Prince’s body. Her eyes brimming with gratitude.

“Your Highness Crown Prince, you really wish…..”

Huffing slightly, the Crown Prince nodded his head.

Afterall, he had prepared ten million silvers to compete for that profound armor set. In the end, he only used three million before winning. Such a worthwhile transaction it was, sky rocketing the Crown Prince to unbelievably high levels of blissfulness!

Spending this trifling amount of one hundred and thirty-one thousand silvers for his future Imperial Concubine was but a small matter.

As for the reason behind his delayed assistance, it was to gain the most amount of gratitude from Bai Ruo Qi. He first allowed the events to play, allowing to become panicked before stepping out at the crucial moment!

He executed this type of counting chickens before they hatched wonderfully.

Seeing Bai Ruo Qi nearly brought to tears, the Crown Prince felt quite pleased.

Smilingly Huang Yue Li spoke up again: “Your Royal Highness, you are too generous! Who would have thought you would treat Second Sister so well. Casually spending one hundred thousand or so without batting an eyelash!”

Arrogantly, the Crown Prince flaunted: “Naturally. Does this one look like a stingy person?”

Even Bai Ruo Qi could not have predicted the Crown Prince’s generosity today. Leaping in joy, the gaze she gave Huang Yue Li was filled with provocation.

“With the Crown Prince’s valiant charisma, it’s no wonder he is the object of admiration for countless young ladies in South Yue! Third Sister I don’t wish to intentionally speak ill of you, but your eyesight in men is just too poor! Clearly that man who brought you into the VIP room was extremely powerful, so why did you need to make this gamble for those Spirit Raising Pills with me?”

Bai Ruo Qi assumed that Huang Yue Li would become shamefully angry once she heard those words!

After all the Crown Prince was willing to throw away a hundred thousand silvers. While the man Huang Yue Li attracted who clearly was richer did not come out to help her!

Speaking bluntly, he was playing with her!

What people hated most was the comparison between others. They would naturally despise, anger and hate.

Contrary to expectation, Huang Yue Li operated opposite to most people. Without the slight modulation in her expression, she actually looked towards the Crown Prince in admiration.

“No wonder you are the Crown Prince. Possessing status and power and even your wealth is astounding! The Crown Prince is someone who can easily pull out three million to purchase a complete profound armor set. So what would a bottle of pills amount to? To be able to be with the Crown Prince, Second Sister has the envy of many.”

This well executed boot licking was right up the Crown Prince’s road. He felt blissful.

On the other hand, Bai Ruo Qi’s heart jumped.

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Interrupted by Huang Yue Li earlier, she nearly forgot to…..does the Crown Prince know that he had just bid three million gold coins! Not silver coins! !

The Crown Prince currently believed he had more than enough money. So spending money for her did not affect him.

But if he were to carry such a large debt and then recall the amount he spent on the female beside him…..

Secretly, Bai Ruo Qi’s facial colours paled. Unfortunately it was too late to inform him.

Straightforwardly, the Crown Prince threw out a black card and said: “Deduct the pills money from this card! As for the profound armor this one just purchased, also deduct it from here too! But I must first inspect the treasure before paying.”

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Chapter 133