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Blinking her eyes, Huang Yue Li asked: “Second Sister, what is wrong with you? Where do you feel uncomfortable? Ai, there was just too many people in the auction today. It really was a bit stuffy! If this is the case, why don’t we hurry to retrieve our things? Once we obtain the pills, you can quickly go home and rest?”

Fiercely Bai Ruo Qi glared at her, “You still want the pills? Only through your crafty plots and planning did you manage to fool me! Towards these kinds of unfair bets, you can not consider it valid!”

As Huang Yue Li looked at her, the corners of her mouth hooked into not quite a smile.

“What? Second Sister means to… wish to deny your debts?”

“Deny? Shouldn’t it be more like a cowardly person like wishes to swindle money?”

“Second Sister, how could you speak like this?” Clutching her chest, Huang Yue Li showed a face of innocence, appearing like a persecuted person, “Back there, it was you who willingly decided to gamble. I didn’t force you? How could you mention the idea of swindling?”

When Bai Ruo Qi recalled those times, she became more enraged.

“Little slu…..humph! Damned girl, don’t think that you can swindle money by relying on some sly tricks and intelligence. Let me tell you this, you cannot achieve your wishes!”

“In other words, Second Sister you absolutely have no intention to uphold your side of the bet?”

“Honor? Of course not! When did we even gamble? How come I don’t have any recollection”

Clenching her teeth, Bai Ruo Qi made a resolution. Even if she were to rip her face to shreds, she would deny until death! (do them part)

It was an entire one hundred and thirty-one thousand ah! Even if you sold her, she wouldn’t be able to take that sum out! Even if she could take it out, she would still have to give the pills to this most detestable slut! Just thinking about it, angered her to death!

What could Bai Ruo Li do if she decided to deny her debt? Could she snatch it from her just from her wastrel status?

As if she could not think of any method to delay with her, Huang Yue Li helplessly said: “Second Sister, if you insist on denying it, then I cannot do anything….”

Pleased, Bai Ruo Qi lifted her chin.

It seemed that this damned girl was going to give up. Quite tactful of her!

Right after she nodded her head, Huang Yue Li spun around and jumped onto a platform within the parterre. Landing firmly, she shouted out loudly: “Everyone! Friends and strangers walking by! Please wait a moment! Is there anyone willing to be a witness for me?”

This platform was right in the middle area between the inner and outer courtyards of Thousand Treasure Pavilion. An extremely attention grabbing location.

Just through action of jumping onto the platform, she had already captured many gazes.

When the passersby heard he shouts, many guests who were not in a hurry leave paused their steps. Turning their gazes towards the direction of the voice, many recognized the speaker immediately.

“Oh? That young lady standing on the platform, isn’t she the Bai Family’s Third Miss?”

“Ai? Where? Where? …..It’s really her!”

“As a respectable aristocratic lady, why is she frolicking and playing about in the parterre? Whilst also shouting so loudly. What is she shouting about anyway?”

With the conclusion of the auction, Huang Yue Li’s fame had risen within the circles of the various tycoons and aristocrats.

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Everyone possessed a gossiping heart. In an instant, a small group of people had formed.

Huang Yue Li immediately followed with the rubbing of her eyes and the appearance of grievance and pain: “Fellow kind-hearted friends, please help me seek justice! The events that had occurred earlier in the auction, I trust everyone had witnessed it. My Second Sister very clearly lost that bottle of pills to me, but she is proclaiming that no such a thing happened……..”

Eyes red, tears immediately began to well in her watery clear eyes. It looked as they would spill her from eyes at any given moment.

“Clearly…..clearly everyone saw right? But she refuses to admit it and says I am speaking nonsense. This bullying is too much….”

With her original petite and weak outer look, her current performance caused her to appear ten times more pitiful.

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Chapter 130