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Chapter 128 – You aren’t possibly holding the intention to go back on your debt?

Inside the third floor private room.

“Ah——!” Moving her hands behind her back, Huang Yue Li made a big stretch, “It’s finally finished. Tired to death!”

“Little thing, are you tired?” Sliding his arms from behind her, the man’s two lithe and beautiful arms curled around her waist, “This Lord will help you massage a bit…..”

“Get lost!”

Swatting away his presumptuous arms, she stood up and walked straight towards the doors.

She heard the man call from behind her: “Little girl, where are you going?”

She didn’t stop her steps when she answered, “Going to the inner courtyard to find Manager Sun!”

Seeing her urgency, the man could tell she was not rushing over for her money, but to watch the good show the Crown Prince would put on?

This two faced little fox truly was motivated to see the world in chaos.

Helplessly the man shook his head and said: “This Lord still has some business to take care of, so take care of your accounts first. Afterwards, obediently wait in the inner courtyard for this Lord to send you back.”

“Uh-huh!” Raising her chin, Huang Yue Li casually made an agreeing sound.

She would “obediently” wait for him? This man was indulging in wishful thinking right?

Inner Courtyard of Thousand Treasure Pavilion, VIP lounge front.

Pleased with himself, the Crown Prince strutted to the entrance . Bai Ruo Qi on the other hand, held a face wrought with worry.

“Your….Your Highness, Crown Prince. Wait…..wait a moment!”

Listening to her cries, the Crown Prince became very fidgety. Spinning around, he glared at her, “Enough, don’t shout. Can’t you see that this one has serious business to attend to currently? Your things, can’t you say it later?”

“But this is really important ah!” So anxious she was, Bai Ruo Qi nearly burst into tears!

“Is it that important? More important than this one’s profound armament?”

Bai Ruo Qi nodded her head vigorously.

The Crown Prince creased his eyebrows, “What is it? Hurry up and speak!”

Lifting her head, Bai Ruo Qi looked in all directions and said in a hushed voice: “Your Highness Crown Prince, it would be better if we find somewhere more private to speak!”

Since the auction had just ended, there were many people walking about. Coupled with the Crown Prince’s enormous bearing previously, many would glance towards him when they walked past.

Clenching her teeth, Bai Ruo Qi knew she could not remind the Crown Prince of such information in the close reach of so many eyes and ears.

In case the Crown Prince was oblivious of the news and wished to go back on his debt, wouldn’t it be heard by everyone nearby? This kind of information could only be secretly spoken!

Unfortunately, the Crown Prince was wholly unable to understand her kind intentions.

Quite impatient, he snapped: “I have no time! Wait until this one has obtained the profound armament before you inform of your news!” As he spoke, he was about to knock on the door.

Frightened to death, Bai Ruo Qi could not longer bother about the guests nearby. Opening her mouth she desperately said: “Your Highness Crown Prince, just then……”

“Just then……what?”

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Just she began to speak, she had been interrupted by a young girl’s voice.

Suddenly spinning around, the white clothed girl standing in front of her was her Third Sister!

In that moment, Huang Yue Li’s gaze was travelling around the sorry figures of the male-female pair. The corners of her mouth raised in the faintest trace of a smile.

“Second Sister, Your Royal Highness Crown Prince, are you also here to find Manager Sun? Such a coincidence! But why don’t you go in, dithering and whispering about? It wouldn’t be because……..the bid amount was too high for you. So you were preparing to go back on your debt?”

The Crown Prince sneered: “Bai Ruo Li, you dare to slander this Lord like this? How would this one not understand the auction’s preset rules? To bid out a price yet renge on their debt is something only those lower class people would do. Stopping pouring dirty water upon this one’s head!”

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Chapter 128