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A round of exclamation immediately ensued from below.

“Lord. That Great Master is actually participating in this auction?”

“How could this be? Where is he? Where is he?”

“A Fifth Tiered Armament Master’s status is highly respected. I’m sure he would be on the third floor?”

“Is that so? Then which room do you think he is in?”

With the majority discussing the topic, even the Crown Prince also looked upstairs in hopes of the catching a glimpse of that mysterious master.

He had never come into contact with such a high level Armament Master! If that master is really visiting the South Yue, then as the Crown Prince, he must take this opportunity to gain a friendly relationship with him. This would give him great benefits!

As he was in the midst of his dream, the voice of the young waiter once again entered his ears.

“Customer, why don’t you try a cup? This is a newly opened bottle of White Wild Rose wine released this year. This is a commodity that cannot be drunk all year round. Furthermore alcohol like this, only around ten bottle will be produced each year. Apart from our Thousand Treasure Pavilion, it’s unavailable anywhere else.”

“Get lost! I said I have no interest!” This time, the Crown Prince’s reply was more impatient.

However, the young waiter still did not leave.

He directly opened the bottle to release a strong wine fragrance into the area. This attracted the attention of many surrounding guests.

“God! It’s too fragrant! What wine is this?”

“Good fragrance. Just smelling this scent makes me feel intoxicated….”

The waiter placed the bottle in front of the Crown Prince, “Customers, please smell….this fragrance is absolutely worthy of its price!

This exceptionally delicious aroma stunned the Crown Prince for a moment. He felt that he was drunk already. Never before had he experienced such strong alcohol!

At this point, quite a stir had been raised in this area.

Many guests were attracted, inquiring about its price; as they wished to drink a cup.

For a time, the area became very noisy.

As the Crown Prince in a bad mood, this caused his head to start hurting. As he endured, his mood became more and more foul to the point he could no longer endure. He couldn’t help but loudly snap out: “Enough! Too noisy! If you want to buy it, buy it somewhere else!”

Frightened, the young waiter quickly put away the bottle, rushing his cart away.

When the waiter left, the volume of the surroundings also turned softer. Massaging his temples, the Crown Prince couldn’t wait to relax in the silence.

Suddenly the voice of Manager Sun sounded from the stage.

“… then, please start bidding! The starting price will be zero! The amount of each increase shall not be less than ten thousand silvers!”

Startled, the Crown Prince immediately sat up.

Because of that damned waiter, he did not hear Manager Sun’s previous sentences. Although he did not hear, he still felt that he was missing an important piece of information.

Fortunately he was able to participate in the auction!

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When he thought of this, he felt fortunate.

As the starting point of the profound armor began from zero, the auction began with an instance of silence.

For the treasures with very high monetary values, to start from zero was a strategy often used.

If one were to set a starting price, it would be subconsciously used as a price guide by guests. This may inform the guests of the approximate value of the item and result in the item never exceeding the base price by much. Generally in such cases, products rarely sold for more than ten times their actual value.

But it would be vastly different if the base price started from zero. Due to a customer’s immense desire to obtain the said item, they would psychologically offer higher prices. This would then easily surpass the original estimated value.

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Chapter 125