Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 124

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Meanwhile on the auction stage, Grandmaster Yan’s demonstration had concluded.

Under the supervision of Grandmaster Yan, the profound armor displayed a result that was astounding. The spectators below the stage had all cried out in amazement.

Seeing that the time was just right, Manager Sun smile out and announced: “I believe that everyone saw the results for themselves. This profound armor’s power has greatly surpassed the abilities of the other individual profound armaments. As long as you are able to don it, battle ability equal with those fifth levels above you would no longer be a dream! Profound armor of this grade can only be seen and never obtained! Next, we will…”

In the middle of his words, a beauty suddenly walked onstage and whispered something in his ear.

Stunned, Manager Sun turned around to the back of the stage. There he saw a very familiar silhouette. It was his mysterious owner’s personal bodyguards!

Not daring to be negligent, he declared a momentary pause in the auction and left the stage.

No one thought that after waiting for such a long time and coupled with such a detailed explanation and demonstration, Manager Sun would say the word ‘suspended’! Everyone had already been incited, their wallets ready to begin bidding.

This was a blatant pouring of cold water on their heads!

Immediately a few disappointed guests protested from the audience.

“What’s the problem? Why aren’t you starting the auction? Are you playing with us?”

“Right. Taking off the pants to just let us see this??”

“What tricks are Thousand Treasure Pavilion up to?”

“Do not impatient. Stay safe and do not be impatient. Wait and see for a while. Maybe an accident occurred?”

The Crown Prince was within the crowd of those emotionally stirred. Repeatedly his face had been slapped today. But the reason why he persevered and continue to sit all this time was because of his wish to obtain that set of profound armor!

Biting the bullet and looking forward for so long, it really came as a surprise for this sudden suspension of the auction.

For a time, his breath was lodged in the chest. An indescribable sense of nausea could be felt as he heavily hit his seat handle. His face revealing his irritation.

“What is going on? In the end want does Thousand Treasure Pavilion want to do? After all this time, just to call for a suspension?”

At the edge of her seat, Bai Ruo Qi consoled: “Your Royal Highness, do not worry. The credibility of Thousand Treasure Pavilion has always been very good. And with such an important auction, perhaps a mishap may have genuinely occurred….”

“What kind of situation? Could it be more important than this profound armament? Can they not deal with it once the auction has ended? This owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion cannot be this appalling in conducting business? Keeping us hanging here, what is his meaning?”

Just as his impatience had reached a peak, he suddenly heard voices from behind him.

“This distinguished guest, would you like to have a glass of wild rose tea?”

Turning his head around, the Crown Prince saw a young man clothed in the waiter uniform of Thousand Treasure Pavilion pushing a cart. On the dining cart was an assortment of various wine samples.

In the general seating of the auction, there would often be dining carts serving the guests with various samples of beverages and food.

The Crown Prince had always enjoyed tasting different varieties of wine and Thousand Treasure Pavilion was in no lack of delicacies. If it were in more normal times, he would be more than willingly to taste a cup.

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But now he was in a bad mood. Completely not in the mood, he impatiently waved the attendant away.

“Not interested, get out of the way!”

With an irritated heart, his tone unusually cold.

At this time, Manager Sun and the personal guards completed their conversation. So he once again returned to the auction.

“Ladies and gentlemen, just then, the seller of this profound armor set just sent a message saying…….”

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Chapter 124