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“Is your head!”

Her face turned green.

When he spoke like that, it killed all her interest!

Otherwise, would she not state that she was both close and loved him? Things that came out of the man’s mouth, who know to what degrees would he twist them to?

Besides, she still had business to conduct.

Putting away the dagger, Huang Yue Li said: “I towards your……physical….body….have no interest! Hurry up and wear your clothes!”

Lazily, the man swaggered back into his seat, but refused to cover up his chest. He held no intention to wear his clothes properly.

Rolling her eyes, she continued to speak: “Your guards, how come they do not listen to you at all? Are you reliable? I am starting to think that cooperating with you was a huge mistake!”

The guards who heads were bowed down, all secretly drew in cold breath!

This Young Miss Bai’s courage was not ordinary. Daring to talk with the master like so! Not only did she reprimand him, she also questioned the credibility of their master. This really……..

Even if the master was interested in her, he would not tolerate this right?

Contrary to their expectations, not a single trace of anger was seen. He replied lightly: “There is no need for disobedient guards to remain. Mo Qi, go to the Punishment Hall to receive your penance! Mo San, Mo Shi, go listen to what Young Miss Bai wants you to complete.”

Mo Qi was quickly dragged out, while the other two guards walked over.

Witnessing the previous scene, all the guards came to one understanding. This petite and amicable looking Third Young Miss Bai was in fact, not someone easy to deal with!

More importantly, the Master’s indulgence of her was virtually unlimited!

Although she did not have profound qi, possessed low strength, if you were to disrespect her, Mo Qi was their role model!

Therefore, Mo San and Mo Shi prepared their minds many times. Unusually respectful, they walked to Huang Yue Li and gave her a formal salute.

Glancing at them, Huang Yue Li nodded with satisfaction.

“Ah, looks pretty good. Cultivation…….is also passable. What I want you to do is very simple. Later I want you to help me spread some words……”

Expressionlessly, Mo San and Mo Shi listened carefully. But when they heard what she wished to spread, they could not help but finally show a look of surprise.

Sitting to the side, the Lord Owner almost choked on his tea when heard her intentions. It took some time before he stopped coughing.

He shook his head and smiled: “Little thing, do you need to be so ruthless? If Prince Li Mo were to know how you were playing with him, I think he would be angered to death.”

“Prince Li Mo?”

Head tilted in confusion, Huang Yue Li realised that it was the Crown Prince true name.

Because of this, she gave the man a second glance: “Look at what your saying. I did not steal, did not snatch, and did not send people beat him! Furthermore, it’s not like I forced him. If he ate a loss, that is all voluntary, is it not? Do not casually wrong me!”

Man shook his head, laughing: “But you dug the pit… he has no choice but to jump down ah! You ah, really are too black hearted!

Huang Yue Li pursed her lips: “You flatter me too much. I am still far from reaching you!”

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Then waving her had, she continued: “You two, what are you standing there blankly for? Seize the moment, or you will miss it!

Mo San and Mo Shi rapidly exited.

Once they reached the door, they looked at each other and carefully wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads.

This Third Young Miss Bai’s treachery is really comparable with their master. Too dreadful!

In the future, not matter what, they must not offend her!

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Chapter 123