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However, Mo Qi’s forceful blow was unable to land on Huang Yue Li.

When he was only three chi away from Huang Yue Li, an immense surge of power that was three times denser than Mo Qi’s erupted. This surge of power flew out and sent him flying away heavily!

Then the Lord Owner’s frosty voice sounded: “Mo Qi, what are you doing? Such courage, or is it because you do not wish to continue living?”

Clutching his stomach, Mo Qi struggled to kneel.

“Master, you…..this woman wounded you ah! With your esteemed and respected status, she dared…….dared…….”

Things became clear for Huang Yue Li. It seemed that this devoted personal guard could not bear to see his beloved Master suffer under the hands of this malicious female.

Stroking his neck, the bright red blood stained his fingers. The blood looked especially unpleasant when contrasted on his jade white fingers. Not uttering a single word, he turned his head to face Huang Yue Li; the corners of his mouth raised.

Sweeping her gaze over him, Huang Yue Li harrumphed emotionlessly: “What? Is your family’s Master’s identity that honorable? He cannot even be touched? That’s good then. As long your family’s Master leaves as far as possible, never to appear infront of me, even if I wish to stab him, I would be unable to. Correct?”

The man’s sword-like eyebrows suddenly raise up and he uttered a soft groan. His display portrayed his sudden spike in pain that could no longer be endured.

Nervous, Mo Qi nearly jumped out again, “Master…!”

But the man didn’t even glance at him because his gaze was focused on Huang Yue Li. He then whined in an aggrieved and wronged tone: “Little thing, do you need to be this heartless? Relax, no matter what identity this Lord has, he will not put on any airs infront of his madam. Definitely won’t retaliate when hit, retort when scolded. If you wish to stab, you can stab as many times as you want!”

Her eyebrow raised, “Serious?”

Shaking the gloomy looking blade in her hands, it conveyed her intention to slice a few more times.


Mo Qi Nearly rushed over again. Unfortunately this time, he was was held back by the other guards who had rushed in from the ruckus heard earlier.

“What are you doing? Don’t stop me! Can’t you see that woman wishes to stab Master? ?”

“Geez! You blockhead, enough!” Mo Liu firmly held him down from behind, “Can you not see? Master was willingly stabbed by Young Miss Bai! Otherwise with Young Miss Bai’s cultivation, how would she harm the Master? Let alone even raise her hand?”

“What nonsense are you saying? If Master is not a masochist, why would he be willing to be stabbed by others?”

Hastily Mo Liu covered up his mouth, “Sssh! What nonsense? Do you wish to die?”

In fact, Mo Liu was also feeling quite bewildered inside. Although one could vaguely say that the Master’s attitude was done in order to wed this Young Miss Bai.

But what sort of status and identity did their Master possess? The ideal spouse of numerous royal princesses and proud sect geniuses. Yet his personality remained frosty, proud and aloof; never putting on a false facade.

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Why was this Young Miss Bai allowed to be indulged to this degree?

Following the Master these years, any threat or person who dared to question the authority of his Master were all turned into ashes within fire. Only this Third Young Miss Bai, to the extent of throwing her attitude around randomly; even that could be overlooked. But now she also dared to point a knife to the Master’s neck!

What was stranger was the fact the Master took it seriously. Incorrect, it was that he was treating it seriously, but it appeared that he quite enjoyed it….

Under the strange gazes of his subordinates, the Lord Owner automatically leaned towards Huang Yue Li. He also purposefully pulled open his clothes to reveal those perfectly shaped pectoral muscles. White as jade with the muscle contours clearly seen.

“Come, slash here. This Lord’s flesh belongs to you. Really didn’t think ah. Little thing, your tastes were this heavy. But as the saying goes, hitting is affection, scolding is love. Hitting and scolding is…….”

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Chapter 122