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The man leisurely lowered his eyes to the same level as those pair of crafty and large ones.

Meanwhile, the sharp dagger was still pressed on his throat, blood flowing incessantly.

However, his face did not reveal the slightest bit of fury. On the contrary, his eyes actually revealed abundant interest.

This little fox…….is too intelligent. She was completely aware of her influence over him. During the instance in which his guard was lowered, she took the opportunity to capture his weak point.

She was truly ruthless. Using his unwavering feelings against him.

Unfortunately, he just liked her various plots and crafty mind, coupled with that charming smile of hers. No matter how much or little blood he shed, he would still feel a sense of satisfaction.

Huang Yue Li on the other hand had taken all sorts of measures, afraid he would counterattack in a fit of fury. She truly did not expect the man to smile. That smile unknowingly caused her scalp to numb.

Biting her lip, she rolled her eyes at him.”Why are you laughing? Do you think that I am really afraid of you? Let me tell you, killing person is a small thing for me. Stabbing you once is nothing!”

“Little thing, why are you treating this Lord so harshly?” The man continued to smile while retreating a few steps, “It’s not like this Lord refused to help you. Furthermore, that was such a half-hearted kiss. Could you call that a kiss? When you are conducting business, you must be upright. Otherwise, wouldn’t you be sorely lacking in sincerity?”

Shifting her gaze around, Huang Yue Li raised her arrogant eyes. Speaking in an icy tone, she said: “This is just how I conduct my affairs. Once the products are taken out, they cannot be exchanged! Now hurry up and pay!”

“Tsk tsk!”

Shaking his head in a very exaggerated manner, the man suddenly poked out his tongue to lick the area she had just kissed. Soon after, he began to smack his lips as if he was attempting to recall the experience.

Those actions were just too ambiguous. When those actions were paired with his impeccably handsome lower face, it seemed all the more seductive and alluring.

If not for the fact that Huang Yue Li had met no small amount of peerless males, her face would have long turned red from those movements.

Quite pleased at himself, the man looked at her captivating face and smiled: “Your family’s goods are so lacking and a bit rough. In the future, this Lord will properly teach you. This time…….I will let you off!”

As soon as he finished his comment, he called out: “Mo Qi!”

An expressionless guard, clothed in black armor walked in and gave his bow and salute.

“Master, please instruct!”

“Third Young Miss Bai has a task that needs your assistance. Go report to her for your orders!”

“…..This subordinate obeys!”

Walking towards the two people, he lifted his head. His eyes widened in surprise and nearly froze in place!

He, he, he………what did he see?

On his Honorable Highness’ neck was a trail of blood!

How could this be? With his Highness’ cultivation, there should not be a single person capable of injuring a single hair of his. Just how did he sustain those wounds?

During this moment of shock, the bloodstained short dagger within Huang Yue Li’s grasp entered Mo Qi’s line of sight!

“It’s you? You injured the master?”

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He then put on a false facade of pondering and instantly struck out towards Huang Yue Li!

The violent profound qi instantly engulfed her.

Huang Yue Li didn’t foresee Mo Qi’s dramatic reaction. Adding on the fact that he was also a practitioner of the fourth stage, the Dan Profound Realm, the powerless Huang Yue Li was entirely suppressed by his power!

In that moment of time, not a single one of her movements were capable of coordinating with her thoughts.

Despite the countless methods her brain recalled that could counter Mo Qi’s blow, her body was incapable of executing them! Even the simplest action of dodging was impossible.

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Chapter 121