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Huang Yue Li was a bit startled, before a faint layer of anger appeared on her face.

“Lord Owner, if you take advantage of others, you are not a gentleman!”

As the man slowly neared her, the corners of his mouth shifted into a radiant arc, “This Lord has never said……..he was some gentleman.”

He leaned forward and without leaving any part her petite body exposed, he enveloped her within his embrace. This was a very strong invasion of her privacy. In the blink of an eye, the only sound that could be heard was the man’s steady breathing.

Those thin and perfect lips slightly pursed and almost within reach of Huang Yue Li’s own.

Huang Yue Li withdrew subconsciously, but was firmly pressed down by a large hand unable to move her seat.

“You…what do you want?”

As a result of the man’s close proximity, Huang Yue Li’s voice was as light as a mosquito. He was so close that a simple small movement would immediately cause them to touch lips.

His eyes hanging down, he wantonly looked at Huang Yue Li’s seven parts young and child-like face.

That little fox’s usual confident face was in rare moment of panic. Entrancing and tickling his heart.

He huskily smirked: “Kiss this Lord………your wish, this Lord will complete it for you…this transaction, isn’t it very good?”

Huang Yue Li’s eyes clouded and immediately made up her mind.

Looking to the side, she shot forward to give the man a light peck on the mouth.

What the Lord of Thousand Treasure Pavilion said was correct. A small kiss that could be exchanged for an extremely large profit, was not a business lacking in any way.

In her past life, before she had the chance to touch a man’s finger, she was sent to the death row. Though this sort of frivolous affair was never experienced, she still heard of such events occurring.

Merely a kiss. It was nothing really. She could just treat it as a small dog’s bite.

When the man suddenly felt a soft and tender beyond imagination touch, he was rooted to the ground. Those light lips, with that sweet and fresh mesmerizing breath was all the more fascinating. Unfortunately it lasted merely for a breath. Before he could fully experience that feeling, it disappeared once again.

You want to deal with me like that? No way!

Sensing the little fox’s intention to flee, he moved his caging hand from her shoulder to her waist. This forced a change in her trajectory, allowing her fall into his arms.

Immediately, he bowed his head and resolutely pressed his lips onto hers.

Unfortunately, before he could re-experience that wonderful feeling he yearned for, a searing bout of pain flooded from his neck.

Stopping his movements, the man did not dare look down.

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He watched as the seemingly weak and innocent little fox display her sharp canines to display her exceptionally innocent laugh. While her pair of slender little hands tightly held a small dagger about fifteen centimetres long.

This dagger was obviously a very high level profound armament. It was as thin as butterfly wing. And in particular angles, the blade would appear invisible; barely identifiable by the naked eye.

While the dagger’s sharp edge was currently lying on his neck. This little thing unceremoniously used quite a lot force. The dagger had cut into his neck skin to allow a trail of bright red blood to flow down towards his collarbone.

Without the slightest bit of doubt, the man was certain that this little thing would ruthlessly server his windpipe if he were to make the tiniest of movements!

Huang Yue Li sweetly smiled: “Lord Owner, we agreed on one kiss. I have already given you that kiss, so how could you raise the arranged price like that? This business…should not done like this?”

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Chapter 120