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Chapter 118 – Ingenious work

For everyone, this was the first time they had ever witnessed such a large amount of third levelled profound armaments.

So each time a new profound armament was brought on stage, the garnered reactions were surprise and admiration.

From the accumulation of anticipation within the atmosphere, it became more and more rowdy!

Coupled with the ingenious hyping executed by Manager Sun, many large families who did plan on participating were also roused and began to bid. They too stepped into the ranks bidders.

The final prices of each new profound armament also rose higher and higher. So much that for one third levelled profound armament that could increase cultivational speed, had been sold for the astronomical price of one million silvers!

This caused Manager Sun’s smile to beam so wide that later, he could not even close his mouth.

So much money!

After this many years of hosting auctions, the total amount of silvers spent in the each auction could not compare to today!

When the mood had reached the highest peak, Manager Sun coughed lightly and said: “Everyone, please settle down. Please settle down for a short while!”

But those below still continued their ruckus.

Wrinkling his eyebrows, Manager Sun spoke again. This time he shouted loudly: “Everyone! Please do not be hot-tempered! Those who did not successfully bid for a profound armament, do not worry. Because we are about to reveal the highlight of this auction!”

Once his words fell, the noise immediately stopped.

Numerous eyes were bulged open in surprise without blinking as they fixed their undivided attention to the stage.

This highlight treasure had already, seven days prior, been painted out by Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Spreading throughout the entire capital!

In the legends, only advanced grade Armament Masters would be able to refine a profound armament set!

Although it was at the third levelled, profound armament sets were extremely rare. It was definitely something that an ordinary Third Tiered Profound Armament was incapable of creating. You didn’t even need to mention their boundless might!

The true buyers had all come for this set of profound armor.

Clapping his hands, thirteen beautiful women walked on stage. Each carrying a silver casket!

The entire set of that profound armor was displayed for all to see.

Under the lightning, each component of the profound armor glowed a dark cyan colour which matched with engraved carvings. This made it seem all the more mysterious and powerful.

The bustling auction hall instantly turned tranquil and calm.

Every single person held their respective breaths as they observed in admiration towards the work on stage!

Manger Sun said: “This profound armor set consists of thirteen components. Each one is able to increase offensive power by two fold individually. Once they are completed to form a complete entity, one’s defensive power is risen explosively. It would be approximately three times stronger than a practitioner at the Defensive Profound Realm! Apart from this, there is active attack type profound skill——Dark Vortex!”

“Dark Vortex? What profound skill is this?”

“Right? How come I have never heard of it?”

Towards the questions and musings of the crowd below, Manager Sun was unperturbed.

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“This is the first time that this profound skill is seen. It may possibly be a personal skill of this hidden master’s. After going through a round of testing in Thousand Treasure Pavilion, we have concluded that its attack power is immense! It can increase the attack by fives times, dealing a critical blow to the opponent! Furthermore, it has an additional cursing attribute that will greatly decrease the opponent’s speed and offense!”

“What? Five fold? ?”

“And it also has an additional curse? ?”

“How could this be? Such a powerful profound skill should be at the black level middle grade? To carve and meld this profound skill into the profound armor, how high would this Armament Master’s skill be?”

“Right. This is just too amazing. Manager Sun, are you purposely speaking such lies to raise the price of this item?”

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Chapter 118