Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 116

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Inside the private room.

As her hands were propped under her chin, Huang Yue Li’s pair of intelligent bright eyes looked at the crowd below. As she watched, her mouth parted in surprise.

As the man watched from the side, he had another sudden urge to pinch her cheeks. Especially after he saw a rare expression of blankness.

Mouth hooking, he went to pick up the teacup to personally pour and serve Huang Yue Li.

“Little girl, what are staring blankly for? The price has only reach five hundred thousand silvers, but it’s enough to shock you?”

Turning her head, Huang Yue Li rolled her eyes at him: “I’m wasn’t at loss over the silvers, I was at a loss over your shamelessness! You opened your mouth to casually say that this mystery master is a Fifth Rank Armament Master. And declared they were someone from a great sect! You sure can lie! You are indeed a shameless profiteer!”

The man’s eyebrows raised coolly: “You cannot slander this Lord ah! Hidden sect…was it not you who said to Manager Sun? As for the matter of Fifth Rank Armament Master, it was a blind guess on Manager Sun’s account. But he did not say it was for certain, just that there was a possibility. Do you understand a possibility?

Huang Yue Li stared at him for a while and said only one sentence: “Shameless ah, you!”

Because she had to hide her identity, she had to fool Manager Sun and said this mysterious master of hers was in closed door cultivation. But hasn’t this man already seen through her? Yet he pushed the responsibility on her!

As for that set of “maybe, probably, roughly” argument, that was completely deceiving the consumers!

The Huang Yue Li from the past, though had far surpassed the fifth rank, her strength was still lacking. So she did not have the nerve to paste this gold on her face. Yet this man dared to say it!

And still so many people believed his words!

Moreover, this man was not ashamed. On the contrary, he was proud of it.

Showing such clear dislike towards him, he still flashed an extremely mesmerizing smile. Somewhat proudly she said: “Flattery, flattery! This is but necessary propaganda! Can you not see that your profound armament is selling at a high price? This is all because of this Lord’s hard work!

Show off!

Lips pursed, Huang Yue Li whipped her head around.

Downstairs, the auction for the Autumn Water Sword had entered the final stage.

“Two hundred and seventy thousand!”

“Two hundred and eighty thousand!”

“Three hundred thousand!”

“Five hundred thousand!”

From the left side of the VIP room, came a low male voice, suddenly raising the price to five hundred thousand!

For a time, no one continued to bid.

Manager Sun began the countdown from three. The Autumn Water Sword was sword to the final price of five hundred thousand silvers!

Ordinarily, a third levelled upper grade profound weapon would generally be auctioned at about three hundred thousand. Though Huang Yue Li’s sword incresed attack power more than usual, it would at most be raised to four hundred thousand or so.

Yet the current price was higher than the market price by one hundred thousand. It most definitely was linked to the shameless and exaggerating advertisement of Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Subconsciously, Huang Yue Li looked towards the man, coincidentally making eye contact.

Though the masked covered the man’s face, but that pair of profoundly inky eyes was like a magnet; sucking her soul inside.

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Huang Yue Li fell into a bit of a daze.

“Little thing, did you become stupid from looking at this Lord for too long?”

She didn’t regain herself, until she heard the man’s low laughter!

“You think too much!” She pursing her mouth, her face fluttered with an embarrassing flush.

Unknowingly, the man’s hand had flittered towards her hands. As those artistically beautiful fingers slid across her hand, they left a shuddering feeling.

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Chapter 116