Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 115

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Though the Crown Prince felt very stifled, he couldn’t help but rejoice.

Thankfully he didn’t do any drastic moves. Otherwise, he would have tripped greatly in Thousand Treasure Pavilion!

Clearing his throat again, Manager Sun interrupted the crowd below.

“It is not proper to delay affairs, so I invite the guards to test for everyone. I will first invite guard Qi to strike this strength testing stone with a normal sword.”

Raising a normal iron sword, guard Qi walked to the side of the stage.

In the corner, stood a strength testing stone about the height of two people.

This strength testing stone was a common method of testing a cultivator power in the Soaring Heavens Continent. During school entrance examination, this would be used quite frequently.

Walking expressionlessly towards the strength testing stone, he suddenly raised the blade and slashed out.

As the blade struck the strength testing stone heavily, a loud ‘boom’ sounded. Straight after, it snapped in two.

In addition to this, the qi wave cause from the strike spread out in all directions taking the breath away from the guests in the first few rows.

Meanwhile, the crystal on the strength testing stone was undulating a multitude of colours. It was only after a good while, did it stabilise.

Walking up, Manager read and announced the result: “Twenty-eight thousand jin!”

“How amazing!”

“That guard Qi should be around the Spirit Profound Realm second or third levels?”

Quite a few people began to discuss amongst themselves.

Manger Sun continued to speak: “Next, I will ask guard Qi to pick up that third levelled upper grade profound armament——the Autumn Water Sword! Allow everyone to see if it truly has that much offensive power!”

Nodding his head, guard Qi took up the Autumn Water Sword and once again stood in front of the strength testing stone.

Falling into the same position as before, he raised the sword with great focus and slashed out——

As his profound energy poured into the sword, the dazzling glow began to intensify and light up the entire auction site!

Everyone subconsciously covered their ears, fear that the there would be an even loud sound than before.

On the contrary, all they heard was a ‘chi’ sound. On the side of the large strength testing stone, that swor had actually left a profoundly deep mark!

One had to know that this strength testing stone had endured many strikes from countless masters. It was many times sturdier than ordinary iron!

Very quickly, the crystal on top ceased its fluctuations.

Before Manager Sun could announce the result, those below the stage had erupted into a frenzy.

“Forty-five thousand jin! It’s actually forty-five thousand jin!”

“It really is six fold!”

“Just from the strike’s power alone, it has already reached the Spirit Profound Realm fifth level!”

“God! Just with this blade, you would be able to contend against the third staged practitioners at the lower level. Too mystical!”

“This sword…I must obtain it!”

Hearing the enthusiastic exclamations below, Manager Sun could no longer conceal his happiness. He immediately declared: “Third levelled upper grade profound weapon Autumn Water Sword starting price is one hundred thousand silvers. I ask for everyone to begin their bids!”

“One hundred and twenty thousand!”

“One hundred and fifty thousand!”

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“Two hundred thousand!”

Towards a vassal level power, two hundred thousand was already considered a enormous amount. To use that much for a single use pill, many people were unwilling. But towards an armament that could be passed down to their descendants, even if they were to use all their family’s fortune, if they were able to obtain it, it would be worthy!

Even those sitting in the VIP rooms, the various royalties could not hold themselves back any longer. Gradually, each one began to add their bids.

In a blink of an eye, the starting price had been increased by several folds!

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Chapter 115