Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 113

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When he heard her cold snort, the man regained himself and smirked: “Little thing, why are you angry again? Is it because you can’t bear to lose money? Then why did you put on the act of a great scholar, instead of directly increasing the price! With the backing of this Lord, is there a need to be afraid of that something of a Crown Prince?”

Huang Yue Li cast him a sidelong glance: “What do you understand? Giving up bidding here, I will be able to earn even more money in the future rounds! If I were to scare them all here, how would I be able to earn money from them in the future?”

When he heard her words, the man was somewhat flabbergasted.

“What? You plan to swindle more money? From the looks of it, your Second Sister doesn’t seem to have any money left. Even if you were to kill her, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to obtain a single penny more!”

“What swindling? Don’t spout nonsense! I am earning money honestly and openly! I am someone………who has always been upright!”

Her mouth craftily hooked up, “Though Second Sister is finished, there is still the Crown Prince, no? They say that our South Yue’s state treasury is flowing with money. The Crown Prince definitely has more than enough money!”

Looking at her for quite a while, the man took quite some time to process. He smiled and shook his head in response.

And he thought that he was quite black hearted normally. Meeting with this little thing, he realised that he was only a see her trail dust, never hoping to catch up! Once he compared himself to this little thing, he had become a good, kind and honest young lad!

The biggest mistake the Crown Prince made today was to provoke that little fox!

Looks like he must have a few more considerations and eyes in the future.

Instead of obtaining a wife, he might be sold off by the little fox he admired!

The auction for the Spirit Raising Pills finally ended.

Because quite a lot of time had been consumed in this round, Manager Sun couldn’t help but speed up the bidding for the remaining items.

Due to the exorbitant prices and bids that occurred in the previous bidding, many people had yet to recover themselves. As a result, the final prices of the items were not won at ideal prices.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Manager Sun felt somewhat nervous.

But when his gaze landed on the next item, his eyes suddenly lit up. His entire body energizing.

“Everyone! I ask everyone to settle down! The item is one of the most important and valuable treasures! If you were to miss this chance, you will definitely regret it!”

Once they heard those words, the people gradually began to clamour again before finally settling down.

All their gazes turned to focus on the case placed in the centre of the stage. They all felt a premonition.

Sure enough, Manager cleared his throat and began to speak.

“I am sure that everyone has already heard for this auction, Thousand Treasure Pavilion was very fortunate to strike a deal with a mysterious Armament Master. This master has entrusted us to sell off a batch of third levelled armaments in this auction….”

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Of the people present, everyone erupted into an uproar.

The majority of those present had come especially for those third levelled armaments!

Now they have finally appeared. The rumored treasures have finally shown their colours!

Manager Sun smiled out: “As to how rare and scarce third levelled profound armaments are, I believe that distinguished guests should more or less know. It can take many years for a Third Ranked Armament Master to refine a profound armament at the third level. Each one an accumulation of their blood and sweat! And this time, we shall auction a total of twenty of these items! Each one is a third levelled product! What’s more important is…..”

As he paused to looked down, he saw everyone had holding their breaths in anticipation for his next words. Manager Sun calmly continued: “By our conjecture, this Armament Master comes from a super sect and his refining standards deep and immeasurable. It is highly likely that they have reached the fifth tier or higher!”

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Chapter 113