Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 11

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Only in that moment did Huang Yue Li realize the answers to her questions: “So it was like that. In other words, even though I destroyed my soul, yet I was able to snatch a chance to be reborn…This was all due to the Sky Phoenix Ring?”

“This…..there is no method of saving someone when they destroy their soul. Even the Sky Phoenix Ring does not possess this ability. When you were detonating your soul, I was still unconscious. By the time I awoke, you were already recognized as its master. It was at this moment, Bai Ruo Li who possessed the heaven defying Flame Spirit Physique appeared. So I used what little amount of Profound Qi I possessed and rushed out.”

Absorbing the information, Huang Yue Li felt as if her mind was submerged in a cloudy mist.

The Sky Phoenix Ring, such a high grade Godly Relic was still unable to save a destroyed soul. So, in the end, how did she survive?

Very quickly, she discovered another strange point.

“Little brat, did you make a mistake? What physique did you say Bai Rou Li possessed? Clearly she was a peak grade trash!”

Immediately, the small boy put on a disdainful expression: “What do you understand? This physique of Bai Rou Li’s, even if you were to compare it in the God Realm, it would still be very dominating, extremely heaven-defying!”

“Truly so?” Huang Yue Li was full of doubt.

Angry, the small boy bursted out: “Of course! In your Lower Realm, a ninth grade talent is already a peak level genius. Yet in the God Realm, the peak grade talents all possess innate physiques! While within the various innate physiques, the Flames Spirit Physique is considered the highest grade amongst fire attributed physiques!”

While listening, Huang Yue Li nodded along, but she still did not fully believe him.

“What you say, makes much sense. Unfortunately this physique’s ability to perceive Profound Qi is…..”

“That’s because the cultivation method you are using is wrong!”

“Where are the errors?””

Rolling his large grape-like eyes, the boy replied: “Hehe. This, you want to know right? On this large expanse of land, only this Little Lord knows! If you want to know, it all depends on your attitude. Unfortunately with your rough behaviour earlier, I’m afraid that this Little Lord cannot seem to recall!”

Hearing this, Huang Yue Li released her hands and gently lowered him to the ground.

Too delighted, the small boy gleefully said: “Humph, humph. Now you’re willing to admit your wrongs? Too late for regrets? Ah? This Little Lord will tell you…..hey. What are you doing?”

After Huang Yue Li placed him down. She turned his body over and started to vigorously slap his buttocks.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Clear, crisp sounds rang out.

This caused the small boy to wail out: “Stinking woman! Female devil! Release me! You dare hit me? Then I will ever tell the cultivation method! You shall be a piece of trash forever!”

Huang Yue Li merely snickered: “Little brat, you think I do not know? I am already the Sky Phoenix Ring’s owner, while you are merely the spirit of the Sky Phoenix Ring. With a single thought, I am able to silence you. You do not possess any bargaining rights!””


“What about it? Are you ready to obediently confess?”

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Large, steaming tears rolled, while his bum bum burned, the small boy thought for a while. Under the abusive power of this female devil, he could only choose to surrender.

From a corner, he pulled out an old book and placed it in front of Huang Yue Li.

Picking up the book, Huang Yue Li saw the three large words printed across the cover—–Nine Phoenix Transformations.

“This the God Realm’s peak grade cultivation method for the fire system. It’s the Phoenix God Race’s secret method. If it weren’t for the fact that you stepped into some dogsh*t luck and picked up the Sky Phoenix Ring, you would definitely be unable to possess it! Your luck is simply too good!”

In an extremely sour mood, the small boy sulked while he grumbled out loud.

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Chapter 11