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Thinking over the Crown Prince’s words, Bai Ruo Qi realized this really was the case!

No wonder that cheap slut was so easy to talk to and willingly to cooperate. Her aim was to misled her and gain her money!

Her calculations were very good! She was nearly swindled by her!

Thinking that she had grasped onto one of Huang Yue Li’s weaknesses, Bai Ruo Qi’s expression loosened in relief.

Puffing out, she said: “Okay. Since it’s like this, I will gamble with you! Third Sister, originally on the fact that you are my cousin, I did not wish for you to suffer such a loss. But you were so insistent on advancing like so; completely ignoring sisterly relationships and wasting my good intentions! As a result, Second Sister will give you a proper lesson and make you realise that words…..should not be recklessly spoken!”

On Bai Ruo Qi’s face hung a righteous and virtuous look while she looked up. In the process, she gained the support of some sympathetic crowd members.

It was as if she really did not wish for Bai Ruo Li to lose that money, hence her numerous refusals. But Bai Ruo Li’s constant heartlessness forced her hand.

Due to her lifelike and believable acting, the previous indignant crowd instantly felt lost.

This……could it be that Second Miss Bai acted like so in consideration of her younger cousin? She did not wish to harm her Third Sister, thus not accepting the gamble? How could there be such a kind hearted person in this world!

Did they really wrong her?

But Huang Yue Li replied in an indifferent tone, as if she did not understand the hidden meaning within those words: “Good. Then Shopkeeper Sun and everyone present can bear witness to this.”

Pausing for a moment, she continued: “Here is a VIP black card issued from Clear Jade Bank under my own name. On the card, I have around two hundred thousand silvers deposited about ten days ago. Shopkeeper Sun, you can send someone to Clear Jade Bank to verify this.”

Clear Jade Bank is the largest banking firm in South Sky Region, with branches in all of the countries in South Sky Region. Once you deposit your money with Clear Jade Bank, you are able to withdraw it from any of its branches in South Sky Region.

It was a well known fact that Clear Jade Bank’s black card is only issued to distinguished guests depositing one hundred silvers or more. Furthermore, only the owner of the card would be able to withdraw any money from the card.

So the black card within Huang Yue Li’s hands only served to prove that she was in possession of that much money. Furthermore, the deposit date also proved that the sum had nothing to do with the man present.

So as soon as Huang Yue Li’s words left her mouth, Bai Ruo Qi’s faced whitened instantly!

Eye wide in shock, she fell into her seat. While her mouth constantly stuttering: “Impossible. How could this be? Where did you obtain the money? That black card is fake!”

Shopkeeper Sun spoke up: “This one naturally believes Third Young Miss Bai’s words. As fate has it, the manager of Clear Jade Bank’s South Yue Branch is here today. This one will immediately send someone to retrieve the card, so I ask Third Young Miss Bai to cooperate with our inspection.”

“Fine, no problem!”

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Her words were strong and cold as they echoed out from the third floor.

“No need for the inconvenience!”

That voice was cold as ice, devoid of any emotion and not that loud. Like a sudden thunderclap ringing right next to everyone’s ears.

As soon as those words were said, an immense and domineering aura descended onto the entire auction. Every single person present fel their breathing turn sluggish and their faces whiten.

Surprised, Huang Yue Li couldn’t help but turn to face the man beside her. She was uncertain as to why the man suddenly interrupted her.

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Chapter 109