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Seeing that she was not responding, Huang Yue Li went to urge her: “Second Sister, how is that? You must give me an answer?”

Their gazes all turned to Bai Ruo Qi. Being put onto the spot, she could only brace herself: “What are you scheming?”

Huang Yue Li lightly laughed: “Second Sister, look at what you are saying! Do you think I will allow for you to be driven out by others over such a small misunderstanding?”

When she heard this, Bai Ruo Qi unexpectedly let out a breath of relief.

She had been quite worried. In the unlikely case that Bai Ruo Li taking out that much money, she would lose so much face when she was driven away.

But now that Huang Yue Li had stated her intentions, what could she do to her?

Bai Ruo Qi immediately regained her confidence and asked: “Then what do you wish to do?”

“Let us make a bet?”

“Make a bet?”

“We are betting whether or not I possess enough finances to purchase that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills!”

Suspiciously, Bai Ruo Qi questioned: “How do we bet?”

Huang Yue Li’s tone was especially tender and soft.

“Very simple. Since this bottle of Spirit Raising Pills has reached such a price, the only two people willingly to purchase it would be you and me. Why don’t we use it as our gambling stake! If I fail to provide enough silvers to purchase it, I will have lost this bet. The bottle of Spirit Raising Pills will thus belong to you, while I foot the bill. But if I am able to produce one hundred and thirty thousand silvers, then they will belong to me. As the silvers…Second Sister will provide for it. How does that sound?”

Blank, Bai Ruo Qi’s expression quickly changed.

“You dream well. This kind of gamble, I will not agree to it!”

Huang Yue Li let out a loose smile: “Second Sister, what do you mean? Why don’t you dare to take the gamble? Did you not have quite a lot of confidence when you reported me and possessed evidence? Since it is like this, this gamble is in your favor! You don’t need to use a single silver and will be able to obtain a bottle of Spirit Raising Pills! This kind of fortuitous affair, you don’t dare take it?”

When she spoke like that, Bai Ruo Qi’s heart wavered.

What kind of situation was this?

This cheap slut would not be able kind hearted. But she could not possibly possess a hundred thousand silvers. Could she?

The heritage Bai Liu Feng left behind, was stolen long ago by Bai Liu Jing. Her meal money wasn’t even stable. So how could she possible have a hundred thousand silvers?

“Second Sister, what do you choose?” Huang Yue Li asked impatiently.


“Second Sister, I am practically giving you the Spirit Raising Pills, yet you are still so hesitant. Could it be you have hidden demons inside? Or does it mean… purposefully framed me?”

“How….how could I frame you!”

“Then why are you afraid to accept the gamble? Let everyone judge for themselves. If this isn’t a guilty heart, then what is it?” With a smile that wasn’t a smile, Huang Yue Li asked.

Listening to the conversation, the crowd was stirred up once again.

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“That’s right! Why don’t dare take the bet? If you really have evidence, it would be equal to obtaining a bottle of Spirit Raising Pills. If such a good thing were to happen to me, I would have already agreed!”

“Yeah. Could it be that she holds a guilty heart? Purposely framing?”

“Hey, it’s highly likely! Who doesn’t know South Sky Region’s most famous mercenary was Bai Liu Feng? He definitely has accumulated quite a lot of wealth. As his sole daughter, how would she not be able to afford a bottle of Spirit Raising Pills?”

“That, I am not to sure. From the rumors, due to her young age, quite of a lot of Valiant Martial Manor properties have transferred ownership. Third Miss Bai has no share of anything. Otherwise, why would Second Miss Bai be this certain over the fact she has no money? It’s clear she has inside information!”

“My Lord! They dare to such a thing? Isn’t that a bit too shameless?”

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Chapter 107