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Because of Bai Ruo Qi’s questioning, the entire hall rose into an uproar!

No one expected that the bidding clamour would have such a twist in direction!

The person who was competing with Valiant Martial Manor’s Second Young Miss was her younger cousin. Bai Family’s Third Young Miss, Bai Ruo Li!

This Third Young Miss Bai was also a celebrity in the capital. The reason due to being her heaven blessed father, Bai Liu Feng’s only daughter!

According to the rumors, when Bai Liu Feng was still present he was one of the top five experts of South Sky Region. He carried the fate of South Yue, to reach the peak.

After he disappeared, many had placed their hopes in his daughter. They felt that she would definitely be a cultivation genius, becoming an outstanding and proud female.

Who knew that Bai Ruo Li would turn to be a cultivational wastrel. Since that moment, no one put her in their eyes.

Yet her name was still very well known. All of the guests present, there was hardly anyone who did not know who she was.

After a while, murmuring discussions began.

“Third Young Miss Bai? She actually came?”

“That is very strange! Didn’t everyone say that Third Miss Bai was a wastrel and very cowardly? Did the sun rise from the west today? She would come to the auction!”

“What’s so strange? Third Miss Bai definitely wants to obtain that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills. That should be why she came to attend the auction?”

“But aren’t these two cousins? They would fight to the death over a bottle of Spirit Raising Pills? Not differentiating between cousins!”

“What so big about fighting over pills? Did you hear the Second Young Miss’ words? She wants to report her cousin! Tsk, tsk. Didn’t they say that the Second Young Miss was kind-hearted and magnanimous? I think it’s only a facade for outsiders to see…..”

All sorts of different conjectures and analyses could be heard. They faces filled with excitement.

With the price of the Spirit Raising Pills coming to such a high, they would not be able to obtain anyway. To watch a fight between cousins would not make they suffer any losses.

Shopkeeper Sun did not predict this to occur. Wrinkling his eyebrows he said: “Second Miss Bai, my I ask for your meaning…”

Since Bai Ruo Qi had thrown all caution to the wind, she immediately replied: “That’s right! I remember that Thousand Treasure Pavilion has a rule; those participating in the auction must have sufficient funds to bid. Once they successfully bid for an item, they must immediately pay for it. This it ensure they do possess enough funds and no malicious intentions. Otherwise they would immediately become someone no one will do business with! Is this not the case?”

Shopkeeper Sun nodded his head in reply: “There is a rule like this. This is to ensure fairness within the auction.”

“Good! Since this is the case, then Bai Ruo Li does not have any right to sit there! She simply does not have that much money, and intentionally wants me to pay more. Hence the reason for her bids!”

Finger pointing towards the private room, Bai Ruo Qi loudly proclaimed.

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Blank, Shopkeeper Sun responded: “This…this can not be possible! Third Young Miss Bai, is our Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s distinguished guest. She would not do such a thing!”

Bai Ruo Qi said: “Why is that not possible? Shopkeeper Sun, you have not even confirmed anything and you already state that it is impossible. Are you purposely allowing for such malicious deeds to occur? This may also be the case. The higher the price of the pills go, the more commission Thousand Treasure Pavilion will receive! Just with this kind of action, who would dare to come to your place shop in the future?”

“Right ah. This kind of thing…..should be investigated clearly right?”

“That’s right. If it was truly done with evil intent and Thousand Treasure Pavilion does not deal with it appropriately, then I do dare to conduct any more business with Thousand Treasure Pavilion! I wouldn’t wait for someone to dig a hole and fall inside right?”

Bai Ruo Qi’s word had a point, spurring many others to speak up.

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Chapter 105