Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 103

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Even the Crown Prince’s expression had turned for the better.

At the third stage, the Spirit Profound Realm, Ding Guo Liu was considered a powerful master in South Yue. But once he saw the person sitting beside Bai Ruo Qi, he didn’t dare to continue bidding!

This stated that the Crown Prince’s position still possessed quite a lot of prestige. His talent…….was still able to make masters submit!

As a Crown Prince but beaten to the ground by that mysterious man, he felt it was too humiliating. Regaining some his number one genius of South Yue pride, caused the suffocation within to lessen.

“One hundred thousand silvers thrice……”

“One hundred five thousand silvers!”

Just before Shopkeeper Sun could announce the two words “bid complete”, a sudden cry from the VIP sector called out interrupting his words.

The entire auction relapsed into immediate silence. Shopkeeper Sun was also stunned.

No one thought that someone else would bid for the Spirit Raising Pills, once they had surpassed they market value. Furthermore the one they would be bidding against would be the woman beside the Crown Prince. And the new bidded added another five thousand!

Everyone turned they shocked selves to the highest level of private rooms. Unfortunately, to protect the identities of the those esteemed guests, the third level was protected. They could see through and view the identities of the people within.

“Wa, who is this rich? One hundred five thousand is too expensive!”

“The most crucial point, who is the female within the private room? Daring to go against the Crown Prince?”

“So what if he is the Crown Prince? Able to sit on the top floor, she could possibly be a Princess from a neighbouring country!”

“You are right. Then you take a guess, do you think that Second Miss Bai will bid?”

Within the discussion, Bai Ruo Qi and the Crown Prince turned to face each other. Their faces sinking.

Other guests would not be able to the guess the female’s identity, but for them they could identify her just from her voice. That female who just called out the bid was Bai Ruo Li! Furthermore, they had watched as she snatched their private room from under their noses.

She dared to come out to stir trouble. It definitely was Bai Ruo Li!

Shopkeeper Sun was able to quickly regain himself. A face full of smiles, he said: “Good! There is another guest who bid. That dear guest bid a total of one hundred five thousand silvers, one hundred five thousand silvers! It truly is an astonishing amount! May I ask if there is anyone else willingly to raise the price?”

Bai Ruo Qi clenched her teeth, how furious she was!

Bai Liu Jing had only given her a total of one hundred silvers. With this large sum and the Crown Prince’s support, he felt that this would be more than enough for a bottle of Spirit Raising Pills. This was wholly out of her calculations.

There really was someone who dared to bid against her!

If she wished to out bid Bai Ruo Li, it was not impossible. Her savings from these years, amounted to about six thousand silvers. If she were to take them out, she would be able to out bid Bai Ruo Li.

But if she did this, she would become a penniless chicken in an instant! Her original plans were to use that money to purchase a second level profound armament to increase her strength!

Bai Ruo Qi’s heart ached, hesitating for quite some time.

Shopkeeper Sun asked: “Is there really no one else willingly to bid? Then this one will begin the countdown….”

Bai Ruo Qi’s heart jumped, “One hundred six thousand!”

She had thrown all caution to the wind. Today she must obtain that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills!

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“”One hundred six thousand once! One hundred six thousand twice! One hundred six thousand thrice……..!”

As shopkeeper Sun was about to complete his countdown, Bai Ruo Qi let out a breath of relief while her heart continued to thumped wildly!

Once she obtained that bottle, she will definitely break through and thoroughly teach that little slut a good lesson!

“One hundred and ten thousand!”

With a smirk, Huang Yue Li once again called out from the third floor.

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Chapter 103