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Chapter 101 – The little fox sure has a lot of secrets

“There are about ten Spirit Raising Pills within this bottle. The sale price shall begin at ten thousand silvers! Please begin your bids!”

You could not miss how very provocative Shopkeeper Sun’s words were. Many South Yue martial practitioners were stuck at the bottleneck of the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm. If they were to become Defensive Profound Realm practitioners, they would automatically become a well-known and powerful name. They could even receive an official title from the Emperor.

This bottle of Spirit Raising Pills was something many dreamed of obtaining!

For those cultivational talents in various families, those pills will be able to decrease the amount of time they spend in the Qi Profound Realm. It quite useful.

So this round of bidding became the most clamorous. In an instant the price for the Spirit Raising Pills jumped from ten thousand all the way to thirty thousand.

Jumping straight to thirty thousand caused the bidders to drastically decrease in number.

Afterall, the number of people at the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm were in the minority and few were wealthy. A sum of fifty thousand was a sum they could not possibly imagine or support.

But for those with a great background, fifty thousand was not too much. It merely signalled the start of a battle.

“Thirty-five thousand!”

“Forty thousand!”

“Forty-five thousand!”


The final two bidders in this round were a renowned feudal family——the Liu Family’s Ding Guo Liu and the martial Jing Family.

Inside the private room.

Huang Yue Li was bored to death, listening to those calls. Her slender white fingers picked up a teacup. Her head tilted, she gracefully took a sip of tea.

Her motion caused her snow-white neck to be exposed, immediately drawing the man’s gaze.

The man’s gaze travelled down her delicate neck, loitering at her collarbone before continuing downwards… discover that clothes were covering the rest. He could only regretfully avert his gaze.

Sensing his gaze, Huang Yue Li suspiciously cast him a glance, “What are you looking at?”

Naturally he would not reveal his wicked thoughts. Cooly and composed, he returned his gaze back towards her, smiling: “What? Why are you not bidding for that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills?”

Huang Yue Li shrugged her shoulders in response: “No interest.”

His eyebrows arched, “Your meridians are blocked and unable to cultivate. If you were to take those Spirit Raising Pills, it may help your condition. If you don’t have enough money, this Lord can lend you the money.”

“No need, I really have no interest.”

Since her physique was special, she was different from those people who could not cultivate. No matter how many of those Spirit Raising Pills she ingested, they would not have any effect.

Otherwise, she would have long thought of a method to obtain those Spirit Raising Pills. Why would she wait until today?

The man was a bit confused and squinted his eyes. Looks like the secrets on this little fox’s body were not little!

Unable to cultivate and still this composed, her emotions stable even the face of pills that could change her physique. Whilst also possessing the rare ability to refine profound armaments.

Huang Yue Li was able to sense that man’s gaze, but she did not wish to explain. She continued to drink her tea.

While the calls below did not cease, but the range of calls became smaller and smaller.

Reaching that price, even towards a feudal family it was a price that needed consideration and more consideration.

“Seventy-three thousand!”

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“….Seventy-four thousand!”

“Seventy-five thousand!”

After the Ding Guo Liu stated that price, the spectacle paused for a moment. Hesitating, Marquis Jing bit down and decided to bid.

While Ding Guo Liu became more and more ecstatic. A woman’s clear laughter could be heard.

“One hundred thousand!”

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Chapter 101