Beyond the Timescape
Status Ongoing
Type Novel

Beyond the Timescape

Synopsis Beyond the Timescape

Author: Er Gen

Translator: Deathblade

Xu Qing lives in a world where the weak are the prey of the strong, and every day is a fight to survive. The aura of a god has polluted the entire world, including the resources necessary to practice cultivation. As a result, cultivators risk mutation and death when they try to become more powerful. Xu Qing’s goals are simple: he wants to survive, and he wants to find his lost family. He lives in brutal, ruthless, and chaotic circumstances, but he encounters good people that become his close friends. He is not crafty and cowardly like Bai Xiaochun. He is not clever and greedy like Meng Hao. He is his own person, and if you want to find out what he’s like… you’ll have to start reading!

Official blurb translated from Chinese:

All living beings in heaven and earth are guests in a tavern. The timescape is also an old customer.

The difference between life and death is like the difference between dreaming and waking. Even years of study might not reveal the truth of such complex transformations.

What awaits on the other side of life and death? What surpasses heaven and earth? What lies beyond the timescape?

Er Gen, the author of Renegade Immortal, Pursuit of Truth, I Shall Seal the Heavens, A Will Eternal, and A World Worth Protecting, brings you his sixth novel Beyond the Timescape.

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Author Er Gen
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