There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System Chapter 621 – Huge Sacrifice (2)

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Chapter 621: Huge Sacrifice (2)

At that time, he would just have to insist that this was just a hidden illness of his own, an internal injury left behind by his early years of cultivation, and that it could not be cured.

He could even say tearfully, ‘”‘ If it weren’t for the fact that I have a hidden disease and can’t do normal work, how could I have joined a cult to earn money to support my family?

This society is full of discrimination against people with strange diseases like me. Even if I reincarnate as a zombie, I can only become an inferior zombie.

I was forced to become a heretic cult believer!”

Thinking of this, Dopey Li couldn’t help feeling smug.

If he did it well, he might even be given a certain degree of leniency during the interrogation stage!

He knew very well that the cult was illegal, so he had long considered what would happen if he was exposed.

The above explanation had been perfected countless times by him, and it was already impeccable…At least, that was what he thought.

Now was the time to use this excuse.

His plan was very good. If everything went well, he would be able to use the backup plan he had left behind to spread the news that the carrier with the power of time had appeared.

Then, he would try to get leniency through his ‘unspeakable secrets’ and his good performance during his sentence.

In the end, he would ‘repent’ and ‘turn over a new leaf.’ It was even possible for him to sneak into the Law Enforcement Division and become a positive teaching material for ‘abandoning the dark and turning to the right’!

Those leaders liked people like him.

And the God Worship Sect would also promote him because of his outstanding contribution…

Wouldn’t it be great to get double pay?

As he thought about it, Black Impermanence felt a little smug.

He was already immersed in the perfect future he had built for himself.

‘ How is it? Is there a problem?” The law-enforcement officers quickly asked.

The Trainee Chinese Medicine Practitioner felt Dopey Li’s strange pulse that was flickering in and out of existence, as well as the strange and suppressed vitality hidden under his pulse. His expression became abnormally strange. ‘ Her pulse is fluctuating. She is indeed seriously ill, but…”

Dopey Li was still feeling proud, but when he suddenly heard this ‘butbut’, he was baffled.

However, in this situation, it was not his place to ask anything.

Fortunately, White Impermanence reacted quickly and asked anxiously,’”‘But what? Is Brother Black alright?”

“How should I put it…” Trainee Chinese Medical Doctor looked conflicted. He looked at Dopey Li, then at his surroundings, and finally sighed.

“Dopey Li, although it’s a little inappropriate, I still have to congratulate you.”


Everyone was stunned.

Even Dopey Li, who was flaunting his acting skills, couldn’t help pricking up his ears. He wondered why this guy was congratulating him.

Could it be that he could tell what she was thinking by taking her pulse?

The Trainee Chinese Medicine Doctor took a deep breath. “You’re pregnant. Although it can’t be seen from the outside, from the pulse, the day of labor is not far away.”

Dopey Li:???

He could not help but spit out another mouthful of blood.

What the hell! I’m a man!

Everyone was stunned. White Impermanence asked, “”No, Brother Black is a man! I took a shower with him and saw it with my own eyes! I even touched it!” The surrounding people had strange expressions.

It’s fine if two men are showering together, but why are you touching her?!

The Trainee Chinese Medicine Doctor said with a serious face, ‘”Medicine is serious. Although he’s a man and it doesn’t sound reasonable, his pulse can’t be faked. This is a happy pulse.

I’ve never felt such a ‘strong’ pulse before. Dopey Li’s child is very healthy.” Dopey Li was speechless.

He would never have thought that the technique of breaking his own meridians and then using a secret technique to quickly heal himself would actually be determined as a happy meridian…

Dopey Li felt his teeth ache, but since things had come to this, he could only weakly say to the dejected White Impermanence,’”‘ I’m sorry, Brother Bai. I’ve hidden it from you for so long. Actually, there’s a huge problem with the cultivation technique I’m cultivating. However, I didn’t understand it before. By the time I discovered the problem, it was already too late…

“Because this cultivation technique causes the Yin and Yang in my body to be chaotic, most of the time, my gender is chaotic. I’ve been carefully hiding it, but I didn’t expect it to be exposed…”

” We’ve been in the sect for three years,” White Impermanence said in a trembling voice.” We’re like brothers. We’ve always been together. We even sleep on the same bed. You…” Whose child is it?”

Dopey Li was silent.

How did he know whose child it was!

He didn’t have any children at all!

But since it had already reached this point, he could only brace himself and continue acting.

He had already made such a great sacrifice. If he still could not spread the news, then he would not be able to stay in the God of Worship in the future. Even his normal life would be affected. A man’s pregnancy would definitely be gossiped about…

And it was precisely this silence that made White Impermanence panic.

” I was wondering why your sleeping posture was so bad. You would often crawl onto me in the middle of the night. So, so…”

White Impermanence’s heart was bleeding.

“I treated you as a brother, but you actually treated me like this!!!”

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Dopey Li’s heart was also bleeding.

He didn’t want to!

Who knew that his pulse would be a happy pulse!

He didn’t know Chinese medicine!

The cultists who had been caught together with him also had strange expressions on their faces.. Dopey Li even heard people whispering about who the Divine Envoy was close to other than another Divine Envoy…

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Chapter 621