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Chapter 310: Chapter 304: We’ll See

“Fine, I can tell you.” Sarah Wood said through gritted teeth, “But, after I tell you, you must agree to the deal we just discussed.”

“No, I didn’t agree to anything. You can either spill it or not. I’m not going to get roped into your cheerful plot. I don’t need to create problems for myself.” Finn Lewis decisively waved his hand.

“Damn! Finn, are you asking for it! I can call right now and shut down all your businesses!” Sarah Wood threateningly said, gnashing her teeth.

“I’m so scared. This is why I don’t want to deal with you lot. A bunch of brats! You’re okay as long as your wishes are granted. But when something doesn’t go your way, you start flexing your power, making threats. Who’d want to work with you?” Finn Lewis said, repulsed.

Sarah Wood was taken aback and went silent. Finn Lewis stood up, “I’m going to Kay. Don’t try to drag her into your circle. She’s too innocent. I don’t want her to get hurt. If she does, I’ll lose it. And when I lose it, I scare myself.”

Leaving these words behind, Finn directly headed towards Kay Lee, “Wait.” Sarah Wood called after him from behind.

“What do you want now?” Finn turned around and asked.

“I’ll tell you! Happy now, huh? If you dare leave, I’ll whisper lies in Kay’s ear every day!” Sarah Wood angrily snapped.

Finn was left speechless by this childish rage. Giving in, he walked back and sat down, “Go ahead.”

“Alright, it’s related to that foundation we mentioned in the car. The one that isn’t a charity foundation.” Sarah Wood hesitated before speaking.

Finn didn’t respond, waiting for Sarah to continue, “Alright, I can tell you the name of our foundation, but no laughing.” Sarah looked at Finn, slightly blushing, as she said.

“No laughing, no laughing, go on.” Finn waved his hand dismissively.

“Alright, our foundation’s name is the Third Generation Honor Foundation.” Sarah Wood spat out the name.

Finn choked on his own saliva. Sarah Wood looked at him angrily. He’d promised not to laugh, but this was worse!

“What was that? I didn’t catch that. Can you repeat it, please?” After catching his breath, a dumbstruck Finn asked.

“Third Generation Honor Foundation!” Sarah Wood said through gritted teeth.

“Excuse me… I need to… laugh for a bit…” Finn couldn’t hold back. The weird name suited a bunch of brats, he thought, obviously ignoring his own name.

“Do you want to hear the rest?” Sarah Wood leaned in, her face less than a foot away, staring at him.

“I’m listening, I’m listening, continue. But keep your distance in case Kay sees us.” Finn took a quick step back.

“Humph!” Sarah Wood snorted, before continuing, “Alright, as you guessed, our foundation’s goal is quite simple: to preserve the honor of our generation and to prevent it from being ruined by imbeciles! To put it bluntly, we throw our hard-earned, legally gained money into the foundation to fund charity work. But we don’t do conventional charity work. We only help those who really need it.”

“Who do you mean by ‘those who really need help!?” Finn asked, trying to keep his composure.

“Those who end up in a terrible situation after crossing paths with the powerful and influential. Most people dare not help them, but we do.”

“Good idea, very inventive.” Finn nodded, thinking to himself about the inventiveness of it all, “But if you’re trying to protect your honor, you shouldn’t wait till someone is at rock bottom before swooping in like a savior and throwing them some money.”

Sarah Wood fell silent, then broke into self-deprecating laughter, ‘You’re right, but we can’t recklessly cross lines like some do. We don’t hold the power; we can’t go against our elders.”

Finn shrugged. These things were out of his control. Such cases were common both at home and abroad. There was no difference.

“Alright, I know you have your reservations about us! But our foundation has done a lot of real work. We’ve protected many who couldn’t otherwise survive. We’ve even saved lives and vindicated many. Remember that!” Sarah Wood declared, a hint of frustration in her voice.

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“These are some of the things we’ve done. Have a look. If you think what we’re doing isn’t worth it, you don’t have to join us. I admit, we don’t have much business acumen and the foundation seems to be, like you said, impulsively founded by a group of so-called ‘third generation’ out of frustration that their reputation was being ruined by rogues. We didn’t think much when we started, but we’ve been at it for a long time now and have made good investments.”

As she spoke, Sarah put a USB stick on the table and slid it toward Finn, then stood up abruptly, ‘Whether you like it or not, we’re going to keep doing this. Maybe one day we’ll dissolve due to lack of funding, but at least, we’ll have helped some people. It’s your call.”

Having said that, Sarah walked away. Watching her retreating figure, Finn mumbled, “This woman… Is this how you ask for a favor? She goes from begging to moral bullying. Olivia, check this out.”

As he said this, Finn called over a T800, quietly handing over the USB when no one was paying attention. The T800 had USB reading ports, and Olivia could quickly access the data inside.

Finn sat there sipping tea, waiting. Kay was still busy at her end. But seeing her bustling about, Finn decided that he needed to limit access to this circle. Not everyone with money could join. Otherwise, the circle would lose its charm if it got too big..

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Chapter 310