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Chapter 309: Chapter 303: Stubborn Huh

Luckily, none of the people here have a simple background. Even though they all initially shows great enthusiasm, after exchanging greetings, everyone keeps to their own conversation with great decorum.

“Do you understand now?” Sarah Wood asked nervously.

Finn Lewis shrugged. To be honest, he initially anticipated the business doing well, but he hadn’t foreseen it doing this well. Furthermore, he had assumed the tea shop’s success would be due to the benefits of the Cloud Mist tea and the Refreshing tea, which aid the body’s internal balance and quickly fortify the immune system’s capabilities. The idea is to genuinely exploit the human body’s immune system to fight diseases.

However, he hadn’t expected that the shop’s booming success would actually be largely due to the added benefits of the tea such as weight loss and anti-aging properties. Looking around the hall at all the middle-aged women chatting and laughing at various tables, he couldn’t help but reflect.

Damn, no wonder there are so many luxury brands across the world specifically targeting women. Women really go all out for beauty! Moreover, Finn saw that among these women, there were quite a significant number of foreign women.

“You women are really crazy,” Finn shook his head and remarked.

“It’s all because of you men. Don’t wander off the topic. There’s something I

want to ask you,” Sarah pondered before she brought up her question.

“What’s the matter?” Finn turned his head to look at Sarah.

“Well, you’re a prodigal, aren’t you?” Sarah hesitated for a moment before she bluntly asked.

“Pfft”—Finn spat out the tea in his mouth.”Damn, I could sue you for defamation for calling me a prodigal.”

“What do you call spending billions of Federal coins to organize professional leagues every year, if not prodigal? Gaming costs so much money. How do you expect to get a return on your investments?” Sarah sneered at Finn.

“Well, you never know.” Finn smiled and then taunted: “Being prodigal requires a substantial capital first. My money doesn’t fall from the sky. The first step to becoming prodigal is to earn enough money. I’m not just squandering away.”

“Fair enough, you’ve made your point. But explain this to me: you spend billions of Federal coins every year on virtual games and e-sports, how do you plan to recoup this investment?” Sarah rolled her eyes.

“It’s simple, really. If you want to make money, you have to first grow the market! Only when the market has grown can you truly make money. It’s the same with football. What’s the difference between early football and current e-sports? It’s just about growing the market over time! There’s a whole industry chain behind everything. How do you know I can’t make money from e-sports?” Finn laughed.

“Psh! I just don’t believe it. Anyway, don’t divert the topic I’m about to bring up,” Sarah waved her hand dismissively.

Finn was speechless. She’s the one disrupting the main discussion, isn’t she? Resigned, Finn threw up his hands and said, “Go ahead.”

“Well, you seem to like being prodigal. How about you spend some on me? We can provide you with some help in terms of influence, like keeping officials from bothering you. But it’s important to note that we don’t condone illegal activities.” Sarah hesitated a bit before she lowered her voice and spoke quickly.

“What do you mean?” Finn looked at Sarah in surprise.

“Oh, we can offer you assistance, you just have to provide us with funding, well, I mean, compensation in return!” Sarah stomped her foot and frantically explained.

“How would I know whether you guys can be of assistance when I don’t even know who you all are?” Finn was amused and a bit incredulous. What sort of business proposal was this?

“Rest assured! I can guarantee you that our strength goes beyond your imagination, as long as it doesn’t involve illegal stuff,” Sarah patted her chest, making a thumping sound that echoed embarrassingly.

“Look, if it’s not illegal, why would I need you guys? I can handle it through legal channels,” Finn shrugged again, frankly speaking, Finn didn’t want to get involved in the world that the army brats and second-generation officials like Sarah lived.

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“That’s not necessarily true. There’s a saying in the business world: Time is money. Bureaucrats can turn a three-day task into a month’s work. Things that could have been settled can be disrupted because of personal malice. By the time you find a solution, months might have passed. We can take care of these annoyances, and you only need to give us a small part of your prodigal funds,” Sarah explained as she rubbed her thumb and forefinger.

“What do you need the money for?” Finn curiously asked. Given Sarah’s status, was it difficult for her to get money?

“Ah… can I not tell you?” Sarah hesitated.

“If you won’t tell me, I’m not on board with your proposal. I’m a legitimate businessman. I like to use money to solve problems. But as far as getting involved with the affairs of heirs like you, frankly, I’m not interested,” Finn decisively stated.

Sarah was speechless. Damn it! “Problems that can be solved with money are not problems!” How prodigal does one have to be to say something like this? Most importantly, she had already seen Finn’s extravagant style. Damn it, she thought, how do people like this exist in the world? While other people are struggling for money, he’s squandering his away every day..

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