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Chapter 308: Chapter 302: Eccentric

“Get lost! You’re my son, you can’t marry my mother as your wife.” The man immediately rebuked with a laugh. Finn Lewis and his two companions almost burst out laughing. The father himself was rather impertinent, but even before Finn and his friends could react, they heard the child come to a full stop, place his hands on his hips, and shout out loud.

“You’re the one who should get lost! Tell me, if you could marry my mum as your wife, why can’t I marry my grandmother as my wife?! Why!” The child questioned loudly, his voice echoing across the entire car park, rendering Finn and company utterly flabbergasted, while the little boy’s father was visibly stunned.

“Damn!” After a long pause, the little boy’s father blurted out a curse. Finn and company dissolved into laughter, clutching their stomachs in fits of uncontrollable laughter. This little boy was very bold. Finn felt that the kids these days were on another level, managing to leave their elders speechless with their pointed remarks.

“Ha ha ha ha… this is… too… too… hilarious… I… I have nothing to say in response.” Sarah Wood, who was standing next to Finn Lewis, crouched on the floor laughing uncontrollably, clutching her belly.

Finn almost collapsed with laughter, and Kay Lee was also bent double with laughter. It took the duo some time to realise that there were still three people not far behind them. The man scratched his head awkwardly. After a moment’s hesitation, he walked over, clearly recognising Finn and his two companions. After all, this was the exclusive parking lot of the Moon of West Lake. It would be a joke if anyone came here and didn’t recognize the owner, right?

“Hello, Mr. Lewis, my name is Rome Laird,” the man introduced himself when he reached them.

“Hello, Mr. Laird, I’m Finn Lewis,” Finn replied, laughing as he stretched out his hand to shake Rome’s.

“Kay Lee, Sarah Wood, ” Kay and Sarah also introduced themselves, and then Kay Lee, smiling, reached out and touched the little fellow’s head, “Such a cute son you’ve got.”

“Auntie, my mother says, you can’t just touch a man’s head or a woman’s waist randomly, ” the little boy, chiming in with a milky voice, raised his head and declared.

“Ha ha, okay then. Tell me, what’s your name?” Kay squatted down to ask, laughing.

“My name is Zander Laird,” the little boy announced loudly, “This name, was it given by his grandfather or maybe his maternal grandfather?” Finn almost broke out laughing, barely holding back his laughter as he asked.

“Yes. My old man named him,” Rome replied, scratching his head, before laughing and saying, “It’s unusual for Mr. Lewis to visit the shop.”

“Well, I gave the shop to Kay, so she’s basically the one who manages it,” Finn replied, laughing.

“Your relationship is admirable,” Rome said, smiling slightly.

As the group of four adults and the little one walked towards the shop, Finn struck up a conversation, “Did you bring your son here for tea?”

“Yes, his health is not very good,” Rome said, smiling at Finn. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Mr. Lewis, drinking this tea shouldn’t have any adverse effects on a child, right?”

“No, it’s suitable for people of all age groups. In fact, if consumed from a young age, it can immensely boost the immune system, helping people, especially teenagers, ward off diseases. Although it cannot cure illnesses, it is like a natural gene potion – albeit with a slow pace of action…

The vastly improved health of Rome’s son after drinking the tea just a few times confirmed what he was saying. “You work from home, right?” Finn smiled at Rome and asked.

“I’m a househusband.” Rome also answered with a laugh. Finn looked surprised. When they shook hands earlier, Rome’s hands were very rough, with thick calluses, and there was a strong military aura about him.

Kay Lee and Sarah Wood were also impressed. A man who was able to jokingly

declare that he was a househusband was certainly not ordinary, ‘Well, mainly because my wife is the breadwinner. I stay at home looking after our son and doing some housework,” Rome explained further, with a laugh.

“Did you serve in the military before?” Sarah asked suddenly.

“Yes, I was in special force. But I was injured in an operation and as a result, my right leg is permanently fractured. I have plates and screws in there to hold the bones together and some of the ligaments are also permanently damaged. To be able to walk normally with this leg is already a blessing, running is a bit difficult,” Rome said, smiling as he patted his right leg.

Finn and the others were taken aback at this. They then suggested that Rome could drink the tea for the benefits it could have on his injuries and also that there was no need to give too much to the child.

“Well, I’m almost 40 this year, with a family like this, I consider myself lucky. I owe it all to my capable wife. If not for her, I would probably still be worrying about earning money to support my family, ha ha,” Rome said, laughing, displaying an air of carefreeness.

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As they walked into the Moon of West Lake, Finn was taken aback. Now he understood what Sarah meant by suggesting that with 300 middle-aged women, Kay could rule the world. The entire hall was filled with women, at least eighty percent of them were middle-aged, with some even sporting white hair. And as soon as Kay and Finn entered, these women’s eyes lit up and they swarmed around them.

“Little sister, you are here.”

“Kay, I’ve been waiting here for you for a long time. There’s a gathering tonight, would you like to join?”

“It’s not often we see Mr. Lewis.” Various women were greeting Finn and Kay. Overwhelmed, Finn looked around, then greeted Rome who was walking further into the shop.

Once freed from the crowd of women, Finn felt exhausted. Kay was busy showing some women a particular tea, while Finn and Sarah moved to a quiet corner to sit down..

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