Soul Land 5: The Rebirth of Tang San Chapter 169: Using Hidden Weapons With Demonic God Transformations

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Chapter 169: Using Hidden Weapons With Demonic God Transformations

“We’re short on time, and with your abilities, you’d be just as powerful without hidden weapons. Especially you, eldest senior brother. Hidden weapons should be reserved to protect yourself when your strength is exhausted.”

Everyone donned their hidden weapons, curious and rather surprised at the same time.

Tang San then distributed crossbow bolts to each of them and began instructing them on using these hidden weapons.

“Are these little things really powerful? What’s their attack range?” Gu Li asked curiously, fiddling with the Sleeve Dart in his hand.

Tang San replied, “The Sleeve Dart can shoot up to thirty meters. It’s weaker than the others but simpler to use. The Backpack Crossbow can shoot fifty meters, and the Godly Zhuge Crossbow can reach a hundred meters, but you need to aim carefully. Du Bai’s Celestial Fox Vision is perfect for the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and his spiritual power is up to the task of aiming, anyway. Senior brother, can you produce an ice shield for target practice? Then, I’ll tweak everyone’s hidden weapons to match their Demonic God Transformation. This will help you use your hidden weapons with your specific powers.”

Tang San had already experimented with the various effects accompanying different Demonic God Transformations. He was pleasantly surprised by the hidden weapons he had crafted in this world, vastly different from those he had made in the Douluo Continent. Different Demonic God Transformations allowed a single weapon to produce many different and interesting effects.

“I’ll go first,” Cheng Zicheng said excitedly.

With Tang San’s help, she equipped herself with the Sleeve Dart and the Backpack Crossbow.

Wu Bingji conjured a half-foot-thick ice wall that stood erect on the ground.

“Senior brother, here I go!” Cheng Zicheng said with a giggle, raising her hand. A golden light enveloped her as she activated the Golden Roc Transformation. Bloodline power flowed into the core array of the Sleeve Dart, and instantly, a golden halo rippled outward from the weapon. The golden array etched on it became increasingly distinct, emitting a mysterious glow.

Three bolts shot out in the next instant, accompanied by a faint mechanical click.


Wu Bingji, who was watching intently, suddenly felt a sense of danger. In an instant, he was pulled to the side.

Three pale golden streaks of light whizzed past him almost instantaneously, disappearing into the distance in the blink of an eye.

A sudden chill enveloped Wu Bingji’s back, and he felt sweat soaking him in an instant.

The excited Cheng Zicheng, Du Bai, and Gu Li instantly froze. Cheng Zicheng’s face turned deathly pale.

The one who pulled Wu Bingji away was naturally Tang San. Others might not know the power of these hidden weapons, but as their creator, how could he not? Yôur favorite 𝒏ovels at n/o(v)el/bin(.)com

Black gold bolts possessed immense penetrative power, and it was further augmented by the sharpness and speed bestowed by the Golden Roc Transformation. The bolts were so fast that they wouldn’t have been even visible to the naked eye if not for the energy surrounding them; they pierced through the ice shield, leaving three clean, smooth holes without any cracks around them, demonstrating their formidable penetrative force.

And Tang San had previously mentioned that this was the least powerful among the three types of hidden weapons.

This is the weakest?!?!

“Ahem, senior sister Zicheng, I think you’d better go find your bolts. Don’t lose them,” Tang San reminded Cheng Zicheng.

With a trembling voice, she asked, “Senior brother, are you alright?”

Trying to appear calm, Wu Bingji said, “It’s okay, I’m fine. I didn’t expect this little thing to be so powerful.”

Tang San smiled and said, “The Sleeve Dart itself is not that powerful, but with the energy of the Golden Roc Transformation imbued into it, the bolt’s speed is doubled at the very least. If you catch someone off guard with this, well, I think you can imagine what happens. And the Backpack Crossbow is in fact more powerful than this.”

Wu Bingji gasped. “Little Tang, what kind of monster are you?”

Du Bai looked at them, then at the pair of Godly Zhuge Crossbows in his hands, struggling to suppress the excitement in his heart.

An hour later, after everyone had become familiar with their hidden weapons and personally tested them, they were almost unable to put down the treasures in their hands.

The boost of the Demonic God Transformation to the hidden weapons was immense; the only requirement was to charge them in advance. Each charge allowed for one use, and a single charge could last about a day. After a day, the energy stored by the array would deplete, and it would require recharging.

It wasn’t that Tang San couldn’t engrave an energy-storing array, but adding such an effect would significantly increase the array’s requirements. One issue was the lack of time, and the other was the small size of the hidden weapon, making it too difficult to craft.

The most excited was Du Bai, who hugged his Godly Zhuge Crossbows and called them his “little treasures” with utter obsession.

In his hands, the Godly Zhuge Crossbows, though not strengthened by a power- or speed-based Demonic God Transformation, were imbued with something even more terrifying in a sense: luck. Even Wu Bingji was unlikely to escape unscathed if he were to confront Du Bai while the latter was armed with these crossbows.

Meanwhile, Gu Li, draping his arm around Tang San’s shoulder, was already pestering him to make more hidden weapons.

The others looked at him with sparkling eyes. The emergence of these hidden weapons significantly enhanced their overall strength.

“Senior brothers and sisters, regarding these hidden weapons… I hope you can keep them a secret from everyone. They are for our team’s use only. They are incredibly difficult to make and also a secret between my master and me,” Tang San said seriously.

He knew bringing out the hidden weapons before becoming stronger wasn’t the best move. Not to mention anything else, just the Redemption Society’s suspicion toward him would greatly increase.

But now, with his insufficient strength, he could only rely on hidden weapons to compensate for his weaknesses. Once he regained his godly status, he wouldn’t need any hidden weapons. So, this was a move made out of necessity.

This world’s understanding of arrays was too limited, so hidden weapons could not be popularized here. After all, he was the only one who could make them. He could not be expected to make hidden weapons tirelessly! Therefore, he never considered spreading these hidden weapons to all of humanity. Doing so might even become a disaster for mankind.

One’s sin is nothing but possessing a piece of jade—that was the principle here.[1] And if the hidden weapons fell into the hands of demons or nymphs, wouldn’t it be like giving wings to a tiger?

Therefore, after careful consideration, Tang San decided not to let the hidden weapons spread too widely, and instead only allowed his close companions to use them. This was also a way of compensating for secretly devouring their bloodline powers.

“Rest time’s almost up. Let’s get ready to move on,” Wu Bingji said, touching the Sleeve Dart on his wrist. He liked this high-quality little gadget. If Cheng Zicheng fired it using the Golden Roc Transformation, it could penetrate three layers of his ice shield or ice wall! The power was truly terrifying.

Tang San said to Cheng Zicheng, “Senior sister, can you scout from the air? Focus on the direction we’re moving in and explore the surrounding area. Check for any students from Kali Academy. If there are any, let us know immediately.”

“Okay.” Cheng Zicheng nodded. Her fondness for Tang San was growing. His arrival had brought significant changes to them. And today, only she and Du Bai had received two hidden weapons!

Cheng Zicheng used the Golden Roc Transformation and quietly ascended. The other four set off again, continuing their journey into the Kali Mountain Range.

1. This is an old Chinese proverb referring to the fact that possessing a treasure beyond your status will attract disaster because of your inability to protect it and make good use of it. ☜

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Chapter 169