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Chapter 567: Core spirit Overlord (2)

Professor Bai didn’t beat around the bush on such an important issue. Instead, she continued, a fourth-stage aptitude user’s unique characteristic is that they can construct a stable domain. Within the domain, one’s own will and characteristics are in an absolute advantageous position. If one is a mature fourth-stage aptitude user, they can even freely erase or strengthen certain pollution characteristics.

therefore, if we can stay in a stable domain, we will be able to detect and even suppress sudden pollution. We can even wipe out some of the smaller pollution and cut off its spread.

just like the mental pollution bomb that the Knights released when they attacked qingang.

although the disaster was stopped by Shan Bing, it still caused a large number of civilian casualties.

“If there were domains, that bomb might not have been able to explode.”

Professor Bai briefly explained the pollution attribute before he continued, of course, I also know what everyone is worried about. The S-Class restricted area is a very dangerous area. Their pattern is also a kind of strong pollution.

in fact, this is also the most difficult part of our plan.

“A long time ago, we set a few standards for this plan.”

first, this domain must not affect ordinary people too deeply. It must affect their self-consciousness and thoughts.

“Second, the domain must be stable enough.” third, the essence of the heaven plan is a protection plan, so the will of God must be absolutely avoided.

“Simply put

“We, Qing gang, do not intend to create a ‘Queen’.”

Lu Xin listened attentively and quickly understood what the three standards were.

There was no need to mention the first criterion. No one was willing to become the people of Happy Town and lose their will. The second condition was also a necessary condition.

The main point was the third criterion.

If someone was able to construct a domain that covered the entirety of qinggang, then that person would be considered an absolute existence. When the domain reached a certain level, he could erase the thoughts and will of any resident of qinggang and turn the entire city into his own. When that happened, that person would become the God of qinggang.

It was just like how the Queen was the absolute Center of will for Happy Town.

But …

Even though Lu Xin had not heard any obvious loopholes, he still felt uneasy.

Was this even possible?

Every segment was very difficult.

Compared to the heavenly state plan in Green Harbor, it would be much easier to build another Happy Town.

“To be honest, we’ve been studying this plan for a long time.”

At this time, professor Bai took a bottle of water from Chen Jing, who was in the audience. He took two sips and put it aside. Then he continued, this is a theory that seems to work, but it is very complicated to actually execute. It might even be a bit of a fantasy. We also suspected that this plan would never be realized, until we encountered something.

ocean country.

“After the maritime Kingdom attacked us, we started to get in touch with them and saw their tragic state. Not long ago, we also encountered the matter with the church of Science and Technology and happy Town. At that time, 1 understood a problem.” the key to this plan is not whether it can be realized, but whether it must be realized.

whether it’s because we don’t want to be the second maritime country or because we don’t want to meet the church of technology again …

it’s necessary for us to start the heavenly state plan.

“Buzz . . . ”

A wave of discussion immediately broke out.

One could see the confusion, doubt, and even slight panic on these people’s faces.

However, it was strange that no one had come forward to openly oppose professor Bai. Lu Xin thought that this might be because professor Bai had already discussed it with these people. This meeting was just to announce …

.. In other words, he was explaining to a specific person and asking for their opinions.

. Then, this specific person was him?

“The thing that needs to be admitted is …”

Professor Bai’s gaze happened to land on Lu Xin, but he quickly retracted it and continued, ” even if we are already under great pressure and think that the heavenly state plan is imperative, we have to admit that some of the technical difficulties can not be overcome in a short time. If we can’t solve these problems, there will be great danger if we act rashly.

we can’t even afford the risk of a failed experiment.

but, speaking of this, I would like to say something that can make people feel lucky …

He paused for a moment before turning to Lu Xin with a smile.

“The church of technology’s attack on Happy Town was a great challenge for us in Green Harbor, and it also caused us great losses. But after this challenge, we gained something unexpected.”

the church of technology left in a hurry, and their failure was thorough, leaving behind many things.

whether it’s their parasitic items, the stabilizer for the spiritual domain, the fragments of some sophisticated instruments, or the research documents that we’ve finally collected that can prove to be of great value, they’ve all played a great role in our research on our own heavenly kingdom plan. They’ve even helped us break through several key points that were far from impossible …

we’ve been researching for several years, and we’ve made some pretty good results in a few areas that we haven’t made any progress in.

He heaved a long sigh of relief, his expression unsure if he was feeling lucky or emotional.

several professors and professionals in Green Harbor have been doing countless calculations. We can confirm that with the help of this information, the heavenly state plan in Green Harbor is theoretically complete. That means that we …

we can already begin the initial stage of the heavenly state plan.

and this is also the reason why I’ve invited all of you here to seek your opinions.

Professor Bai heaved a sigh of relief and nodded to the audience, indicating that he had finished.

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The meeting room fell silent.

Lu Xin could feel many pairs of eyes sneaking toward him.

He quickly touched his face and realized that there was no strange expression on his face.

Only then did she feel relieved. She turned around and saw her mother smiling in the back seat.

Her eyes seemed to be filled with anticipation..

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