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Chapter 566: Core spirit Overlord (1)

“Huala …

Everyone in the meeting room seemed to have exploded in their emotions.

Even though there weren’t many people present, a buzz of discussion immediately rang out, as if water was boiling.

“Create a kingdom of heaven …”

“Create a God?”

Lu Xin’s heart was filled with surprise, and he subconsciously glanced at professor Chen liqing.

The old man was looking at him excitedly, but when he saw him, he shivered in fear and immediately turned to look in another direction.

Lu Xin turned to look at han Bing, only to see that han Bing was also stunned for a moment before forcing out a smile.

Lu Xin felt that their reactions were a little strange. It was only then that he noticed his mother looking at him with a smile.

He gestured with his fingers on his face,

He immediately came to his senses and hurriedly touched his face, only to find that he was actually smiling.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and rubbed off the smile.

Why was he smiling?

This was clearly a very impressive plan …

“Professor Bai, you can explain this plan in detail.”

While the conference room was in a heated discussion, professor Bai, Mr. Su, and department head Shen all remained silent.

After the discussion went on for a while, Mr. Su smiled and said to the stage.

Professor Bai nodded and waited for the discussion below to die down before saying, the so-called heavenly state plan and the creation of gods are just for everyone to understand this name. Please rest assured that we are not superstitious …

the essence of special contamination is an abnormal mental power that produces the ability to contaminate.

it influences, devours, and even parasitizes some normal people, causing them to lose the thoughts, senses, and even self-awareness of normal people. Sometimes, they will even erupt with abnormal aggression and contamination, causing a great threat to the people around them.

this kind of pollution is very subtle. With our current technology, it is very difficult to discover or investigate.

this is also the reason why we’re so tired of running around, but have little success.

Professor Bai paused for a moment before she continued, therefore, our plan is to construct a stable domain through one or more aptitude users.

this domain will cover the entire Qing gang and form a subtle connection with everyone living inside the high wall of Qing gang. It’s like a spiritual local area network connected to everyone inside the high wall. It will help them resist the pollution or detect any changes in time.

“Within the domain is the kingdom of heaven.”

Lu Xin’s heart skipped a beat, and he subconsciously looked up at the stage.

Create a domain that covers the entire qingang?

‘Isn’t this very similar to how happy Town used to exist?’

“Perhaps someone has heard it.”

Just as Lu Xin’s train of thought reached this point, he noticed professor Bai t s gaze on him. Professor Bai said calmly, ” this concept is a bit similar to the S grade restricted area.

“But if you want to use another term to refer to it, it’s mentioned in the information just shared by the Research Institute:”

“Spirit Lord! ”

Lu Xin felt a sense of enlightenment when he heard these words.

As he had been invited by the Research Institute to join the senior talent club, he could access information that ordinary researchers in qinggang couldn’t access. In addition, he was half-forced and half-voluntarily to learn during the confrontation with the church of technology. He also knew what the fourth of the seven steps, ” spirit Overlord “, was about.

Happy Town, an S-Class restricted area, was already an existence that was close to a spiritual overlord.

This was because the sleeping Queen had constructed a stable domain that covered fifty kilometers.

All the citizens lived in this domain.

These people were different from ordinary people. They were not lunatics, nor were they ordinary people. However, it was certain that their resistance to contamination was far beyond ordinary people. Ordinary ability users could not contaminate or distort them.

Even if there were powerful aptitude users who destroyed the domain, just like his father.

The Queen would also be the first to notice and wake up.

When Lu Xin had fought with Qin ran in Happy Town, Qin ran had indeed contaminated the residents of Happy Town to increase his power, but that was because Qin ran and the others understood the rules of Happy Town and took advantage of the Queen’s slumber to take advantage of a loophole in the rules.

This was also the reason why the Queen was only ” close ” to the spirit Lord.

She was not a complete ” spirit Lord or rather, she was not the standard spirit Lord in theory.

First of all, she was already a half-monster existence, and her mind was also affected.

Secondly, her negative influence was too great. All the residents of Happy Town had been turned into monsters by her.

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This was also the reason why Happy town’s residents had a higher resistance to other types of contamination.

They were heavily contaminated.

If qingang wanted to take this path, could it be …

. Did they want to turn everyone in Green Harbor into monsters?

the concept of a spirit Lord is known as the fourth stage in the information shared by the Research Institute..

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