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Chapter 565: The heavenly state plan of Qing gang (4000 words) _2

“l have something to say, and it’s not an alarmist talk.” if a similar incident happens again, the chances of Qing gang winning are less than 50%.

even if we can win, if there is a mistake in a certain link, the internal conflict in qingang will be triggered, and the probability of collapse …

. It’s over 80%!”

They were clearly discussing a mission that had already been completed, but when professor Bai finished speaking, it inexplicably made everyone in the meeting feel depressed.

This was especially true for Lu Xin. Initially, he was not too concerned about this issue. After all, he was only a small staff member in satellite city No. 2. However, after discussing this issue with han Bing not long ago, he felt even more empathized with her.

However, why did professor Bai ask this question at this time?

Didn’t he discuss with han Bing that there was no good way to solve this problem?

He couldn’t just ignore the special contamination, right?

Ordinary people were too fragile in the face of special pollution, so it was impossible not to protect them.

Lu Xin’s expression turned serious as he listened to professor Bai’s words.

He noticed that the bald or balding people sitting around him all had serious expressions on their faces.

Many of them should already know what the meeting was about.

However, when they heard about this, their expressions still turned grave.

The air around Lu Xin suddenly became a little tense, and he felt as if there was something else around him.

He subconsciously turned around and saw that there were three more people in the seats behind him.

Her little head was lazily leaning against the back of the chair, and her two little feet were stretched to the front. She was her sister, who was on professor Chen liqings shoulder.

Her mother was elegant and expuisite. sitting on the chair with a smile.

There was also his father, who had a cold expression and seemed to always have a disdainful look …

Han Bing was sitting behind him.

She thought he was looking at her, so she gave him a gentle smile and signaled him to continue listening to the meeting.

She still didn’t know that a noble lady was already sitting beside her.

His family would be very concerned about this meeting?

I’m not saying this to make everyone feel pessimistic.

Professor Bai continued to speak on the podium, I’m just telling everyone a fact. The special pollution is not like what we thought. It doesn’t happen occasionally and will disappear with time. Instead, it is becoming more and more intense. The pollution has become more and more diverse. This is a great threat to Green Harbor and even the entire human race.

both the pattern we observed and the information from lunar eclipse Research

Institute prove this point.

can we fight against such a threat now? ‘

When he asked this question, he looked down at the people in the audience and answered it himself.

yes. The events in the maritime Kingdom and happy Town are proof of that.

However, he immediately changed his tone, ‘

“However, the problem we’re facing now is no longer whether we can resist this matter. Our goal has been to restore the order of the old civilization and protect those who are willing to trust us and enter the high walls.”

but every pollution will bring about a large number of casualties. This is not what we are after.

our goal is not to defeat every contamination, but to minimize the threat of each contamination.

we can even get the pollution far away from qingang!

Lu Xin was slightly surprised as he looked up at the old man who was talking.

In the past, whenever he encountered a special pollution incident, he would always feel unhappy even if it was resolved.

Sometimes, he would wonder what the reason was, and now he suddenly understood.

Defeating the contamination was not the goal.

The purpose was to prevent the contamination from harming more people.

“Pa pa …”

Han Bings mother, who was sitting behind Lu Xin, also smiled and clapped her hands.

But no one heard her applause.

Professor Bai, who was on the stage, had no idea that someone was clapping for him.

Professor Bai’s expression became even gloomier at the mention of this issue. He sighed and said, from this point of view, our qingang Special Forces, or even the other high-walled cities in the Alliance, have not done a good job.

mental pollution is almost omnipresent. It can be born within the high walls, or it can come from the wilderness. he might be driven by hostile ability users or manipulated by ambitious people. We can’t avoid him at all …

and the characteristics of mental pollution make us often need to wait until it has caused a certain amount of harm before we can notice the signs. Then. we will investigate it, stop its pollution, and then clean up the source of the pollution. In the end. we will be exhausted and have to spend. lot of energy …

just like now, everyone is working hard, but the pollution is increasing …

Lu Xin’s gaze became slightly unfocused.

In the face of special contamination, the resistance of ordinary people was too weak.

In particular, many people might not know about the existence of the abyss, nor did they know that the great crisis would come sooner or later.

No one could stop the final explosion of the abyss, and no one could stop the increasing pollution.

Even the Research Institute seemed to be in despair about this problem.

At this time, professor Bai on the stage said the main point,”We’ve been considering this from the start:” how can we alleviate or even solve this problem from the root?

Lu Xin raised his head in shock, and his eyes widened.

His expression didn’t follow, so his face looked a little indifferent, but he was slightly surprised in his heart.

Was he talking about solving this problem?

Behind Lu Xin, a mysterious smile appeared on his mothers face.

His father’s eyes were cold and sharp, as if he was very disdainful.

Younger sister …

. The younger sister was stretching her little head out and looking at han Bing curiously. She did not hear what was being said on the stage at all.

On the stage, professor Bai t s gaze fell on Lu Xin as he spoke, He tried to discern the expression on Lu Xin’s face, but all he could see was a calm expression.

Thus, he could only continue, ” this is what we’ve been studying, the heaven plan.


When professor Bai said the words “heavenly state plan “, there was a commotion in the audience.

Lu Xin wasn’t sure how many people already knew about this plan, but he could tell that the name of the plan itself carried a heavy weight. Whether it was the researchers, the professors, or the mature politicians, all of them were visibly moved, though it was hard to tell if they were excited or worried.

Professor Bai continued,

the heaven plan was an idea that we came up with after we understood the nature of the special pollution.

in the legends, there are Devils who bewitched the people, causing them to fall and fall into hell.

the demons are everywhere and unpredictable. Ordinary people can’t resist them.

“However, there are also places in this world that the demons can’t reach, and that is heaven. If ordinary people don’t want to be seduced by the devil, they can only enter heaven after death and hide under the wings of God. This way, they can stay away from the devil and obtain eternal joy and peace.”

Professor Bai t s gaze became firm as she spoke.

It had been a long time since Lu Xin had seen such a determined look on an ordinary person’s face.

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To a certain extent, he even felt that professor Bai t s voice had become very loud and clear, as if it was about to rush to the sky.

we don’t want to wait for peace after death, so we want to create a kingdom of heaven in the human world.

we don’t want to seek the protection of God, so we create our own God.

“This …

He slowed down his speech and announced in a deep voice, ” it’s the core concept of the heavenly state plan in Green Harbor!

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Chapter 565