Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 79

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“What!” the little boy almost jumped up, “How can you do that!”

Huang Yue Li chuckled internally. Stretching out her slender jade fingers, she shook them in front of him.

“I am your master!”

“It should be pig…..person!” The little boy muttered.

(The word master is made of two characters zhu ren. The phoenix did a play on words with zhu ren, because pig is also zhu……so pig head/person)

Huang Yue Li pricked up her eyebrows, “What did you say?”

“No….did not say anything…..” Sealing his lips, the boy used his chin to point in the direction of the box, “That box, is not the Seamless Silk Box that you say it is. Instead, it is a Blood Feather Silk Cage. When I was a baby phoenix, I had seen this type of object in the God Realm. Did not expect to your Soaring Heavens Continent to also possess one!”

Huang Yue Li was stunned, “God Realm?”

How was it the God Realm?

No wonder she had never seen such a method to make this seamless box. So it was….a technique from the God Realm?

However, Bai Liu Feng was only a Marquis in a small country. How was he able to possess such a box?

The little phoenix said: “Take up the box and look at in the light. Do you not see the feather pattern on the lid of the box?”

Listening, Huang Yue Li took quite a bit of time finding the imprint. Even then she could only see a faint craving. If not for his hinting, she would have glossed over that completely.

“That’s right. What now?”

“This kind of Blood Feather Silk Cage, is mainly used for the passing messages in a family. Only those who share the same bloodline can open the box. Drip your blood onto the feather and the box will open. No matter how much you press it will not open. Furthermore, if you fail more than three times, it will self-destruct. Destroying the things inside as well.”

Hearing his words, Huang Yue Li placed the box back onto the table. Using her fingernails, she cut open her finger.

A drop of bright red blood formed on her fingertip, as she dripped a drop onto the lid.

This time, nothing happened.

“Snap” it lightly sounded as the lid bounced up.

Laughing, Huang Yue Li happily patted his head.

“So obedient! Continue eating your drumsticks! Tomorrow, this sister will buy you a lot of chicken legs. Not only can you roast them, you can also steam, braise, fry….”

The boy’s drooled, his saliva dripping to the ground.

This blessing came far to suddenly!

At this moment, the female devil had become particularly generous, beautiful, lovely! Second only to chicken drumsticks!

“…..Then I also want chicken wings!”


In a good mood, Huang Yue Li waved her hand and agreed.

Changing back into a fluffy yellow bird, he happily flew away.

Walking towards the table, Huang Yue Li settled down to views the contents.

Inside the small mahogany box, quietly lay a scroll.

Huang Yue Li was no stranger to this. This used refined Sea Sand Grass and engraved into a type of paper. The traits of this paper was that it could only be read once. Furthermore it could be stored thousand of years without rotting.

Generally, these were used by large Sect Masters and Heads to record secret techniques.

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Reaching out, she slowly opened it.

On the scroll, the words flowed naturally and like a flowing river. When people saw the words on the scroll, they would be able to the tell that the writer was someone of great grace and noble character.

“To my beloved daughter Ruo Li…”

When the first line of words greeted her, Huang Yue Li’s mind shook.

This really was a letter her father Bai Liu Feng left behind for her!

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Chapter 79