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If she forcibly tried to open it, not only would she be unable to unlock it. She may possibly trigger the hidden contraptions within. Worst case scenario, it could be life-threatening.

However, it was not something too difficult for Huang Yue Li.

This kind of seamless box, she had constructed hundreds. She was very clear about the mechanisms.

Placing the box straight, she began to observe the lines on the lid. And then carefully she pressed in a few different directions a few times.

The box issued a ‘kacha’ sound.

Huang Yue Li’s heart jumped. She knew that the box was activated.

However, she had no time to rejoice. The top of the box suddenly flashed. Coupled with the sunlight, it was impossible to see clearly.

Huang Yue Li reacted quickly, immediately dodging to the door.

Following, three loud ‘bangs’ echoed from the study. A violent burst of shocks occurred, directly shattering the doors and windows of the study.

Not only that, the strong gusts of air also blew out.

Though Huang Yue Li dodged, she was still sprayed black and gray with dust. And nearly fell straight to the ground. Simply too embarrassing!

She was pushed quite a distance by the air currents. She was blown all the way to the courtyard before coming to a stop.

Straightening her waist, she wiped the sweat off her face. But she found out that her hands had been stained black, her heart shook from shock!

As a past Ninth Ranked Armament Master, she had judged the wrong? This ordinary looking Fifth Level seamless box? Not only did she not open it successfully, she also triggered the hidden mechanisms?

How was this possible?

“It was too bad! Just where did I go wrong”

Huang Yue Li pouted. Complaining, she wanted to go back to find the box.

Cai Wei ran over, stopping in front of her.

“Third Young Miss, Third Young Miss, wait a minute! What is wrong with you today? First, the yard was smashed, and you almost bombed down the study. Are you really….. really alright?”

Cai Wei carefully asked. Her voice was not too high, as if she feared that she might provoke Huang Yue Li further.

Huang Yue Li’s mouth curved upwards.

She knew that her series of actions today, was a bit strange. But this girl did not need to express such a face, fearing that she was sick?

“Chirp——! Chirp—–!”

At this time, from the sky suddenly came a crisp sound of birds. A golden red bird flew over unsteadily. Onto the sleeves of Huang Yue Li it fell.

In its mouth, dangled a drumstick bigger than its body. Roasted fragrant and tender and oil still dripped down.

“Ah, Wang Cai! Seeing the cage was empty, this servant spent quite some time to search for you! Turns out, you went to the kitchen to eat it! So adorable, so smart, so cute…..”

A look of amazement covered Cai Wei.

While Huang Yue Li was angered beyond belief!

Only she was able to understand the chirps that the little lousy bird said. The meaning of those chirps were: “Stinking woman, too ugly, too stupid. That Blood Feather Silk Cage can not be opened like that! You still dare to call yourself a Ninth Ranked Armament Master! You stupidity goes all the way back to your family!”

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She glanced down at the little phoenix.

But this child did not fear for his life or death. Triumphantly he shook his small head, chicken oil rubbing onto her sleeves.

Huang Yue Li picked it up. Throwing the chicken leg to the side, she carried it back into the study.

Just as she wanted to tell Cai Wei to leave, the little Phoenix landed on the floor. Quickly it turned into a small child and jumped towards the door.

“This little lord’s drumstick! Return my drumstick! This drumstick is the most tender and flavourful one. This little lord only chose it after an entire morning’s worth of time!”

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Chapter 76