Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 669

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Chapter 669: You and Mu Chengying…..

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“….. must be more careful, otherwise it will scald you to death!”

Liu Buyan mumbled as he completed his sentence and discovered that the lass had already entered the bathtub and his expression turned dark once again.

He had gone through an intense battle in his mind before he decided to give up the opportunity to play a trick on her. Just as he wanted to remind her to take caution of the heat, who knew that this lass was looking for death and had jumped right in!

What a waste of his precious sympathy!

Even if she was scalded to death, she deserved it!

Liu Buyan silently cursed.

But after a while, he discovered that there was no strange sound coming from inside at all. Only the sound of water gently flowing which let out a light sploshing sound could be heard.

Could it be that this lass was really scalded to death alive?

Liu Buyan’s eyebrows knitted into a knot as he opened his mouth and inquired, “Hey, lass, are you still alive?”

“You had spent so much effort to save me, and now you’re cursing me to die?” Huang Yueli’s sulky voice was heard from behind the screen.

Liu Buyan heaved a sigh of relief but at the same time, he felt something was weird, “This medicinal bath…. Don’t you find it scorching hot?”

“Scorching hot? It’s still alright?” Huang Yueli answered indifferently.

To tell the truth, she really didn’t feel that this medicinal bath was scorching hot. The reason was because every time she advanced, the medicinal bath that she was soaked in was hotter than this by at least a hundred times. Besides that, the bathtub was continuously heated by True Phoenix Fire so that feeling was extremely overwhelming, it could simply burn a live person into charcoal.

If it hadn’t been for her unique Flame Spirit Physique, she would probably had ended up dead.

Compared to that, Liu Buyan’s medicinal bath was merely stimulating so to her, it was just an appetizer.

However when these words fell onto Liu Buyan’s ears, he displayed an astonished look!

In fact, he had intentionally added more ingredients to this medicinal bath because he was petty over the fact that this lass had tricked him several times so he purposely added in plenty of stimulating herbs.

Not only were these medicinal herbs were not harmful to Huang Yueli’s body, it would only do her good. But once the medicinal water had risen to the boiling point, that stimulating feeling….. if an ordinary person’s finger were to even slightly touch a little bit of it, that person would immediately yell inordinately.

To think that… this lass actually had no feeling…

Just how strong was her determination?

Liu Buyan’s eyes turned wide but he could not speak out at this moment.

Huang Yueli didn’t say much and just sat there, soaking in the medicinal bath.

But after soaking there for a while, she felt that it was too boring and adding on to the fact that her head was still rather dizzy, she almost fell asleep in the bathtub.

She raised her voice and called out, “Hey, Uncle, are you still outside?”

“I’m here, what’s wrong?” Liu Buyan was holding on to a medical scroll as he sat outside, “What’s up? Want me to soak in the bath with you? Say so earlier…. Even if you did, I also won’t accompany you!”

“Tsk, who cares about that! I was just about to say, since it’s so boring, let’s have a chat!”

The corners of Huang Yueli’s lips twitched. This fellow was good in everything except that his mouth was just too cheap.

“Chat about what?”

“Chat….. Uncle, this afternoon you told me that you’re the Number One Divine Doctor Liu Buyan, is that true?”

Liu Buyan sulkily replied, “What do you think? I’ve already nursed you to around seventy or eighty percent of your health and you’re still asking such questions? Are you really blind?”

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“He he, I was just asking, just asking…”

Huang Yueli had only wanted to find a topic to chat so that she wouldn’t fall asleep in the bath, in case she choked on the water.

But after exchanging a few sentences with Liu Buyan, her heart felt a swirl because… there was a burning questions which she had kept within her heart for a very long time.

“Uncle, I heard that you are good friends with Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Expert Mu Chengying, is that true? Do you know… how is he right now?”

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Chapter 669