Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 663 – Murong Fei appears

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Chapter 663: Murong Fei appears

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A suspicion flashed past Mo Yi’s head.

His Master naturally had his own reason to summon him back and as his subordinate, the only thing he needed to do was to listen to his commands.

Mo Yi had been thinking in this way as he nodded and replied, “Thank you!”

He led his horses to the doorkeeper disciple and following that, he prepared to head towards the rear mountain and report to Li Moying.

Who knew, he had just taken a few steps when he heard a burst of disturbance coming from the main gate and all the doorkeeper disciples had rushed towards the door. Quite a number of people had gathered along the pathway leading to the main door.

Mo Yi turned his head around questioningly.

Right in the sky at the main door, multi colored clouds tinged with sunset hues filled the horizon.

And amidst the dazzling radiance, a huge, snow condor gradually descended onto the ground.

All the feathers on this snow condor were not tinged with any other colors. It was as white as the unmeltable icicles on the top of the snow mountain and it’s body size was enormous. When it spread out its wings, it measured as long as twenty meters.

Not only did it had strong power, it also looked extravagant and beautiful.

After the snow condor steadied itself on the ground, a bunch of outer disciples gathered around and respectfully queued up into a line to pay their respects.

On the back of the snow condor alighted a graceful peerless beauty. She was dressed in a crimson long dress which highlighted her looks and with her excelling temperament, slender swaying frame, she resembled an angel who had descended onto the mortal world.

In many people’s eyes, she was indeed a fairy from the Nine Skies.

After she descended the snow condor, without giving those surrounding her a glance she walked past the white jade pathway and walked through the main door. Her chin was raised upwards in the entire journey, displaying an aloof and arrogant look.

However, in the eyes of the outer disciples, they were head over heels for her and even after she had left for quite a distance, they were still in a daze in their original spots.

Mo Yi turned around and shot one glance, understanding clearly in his mind.

There could only be one person who would display such an extravagant entrance just entering the main door. That would be the precious Eldest Young Miss of the Sect Master – Murong Fei!

Eldest Young Miss Murong was born with a golden spoon in her mouth. Not only did she had gorgeous looks, her innate gifts were also outstanding and she was an famous, peerless beauty in the South Sky Region. In everyone’s eyes, she was also thought to be well-matched for Li Moying.

Mo Yi had once believed that this Eldest Young Miss Murong would eventually become his future Mistress.

But after he had met Huang Yueli on the last trip back to South Yue Kingdom, he already knew what kind of lady did his Master like.

This aloof and arrogant Eldest Young Miss Murong was not his Master’s cup of tea!

So Mo Yi didn’t bother to give another look and continued on his way towards the mountain pathway, only thinking to grasp tight on the timing and report to Li Moying earlier.

But just at this moment, a female voice was heard from his back.

“The person in front, stop for a moment!”

Although this voice sounded melodious, but it contained a sense of arrogant prestige in it.

Mo Yi’s brows creased but he halted his footsteps, turned around and lowered his head to pay respect to the person who had called out.

“Eldest Young Miss Murong.”

Murong Fei walked in front of him and her eyes flash past a strict, cold glint!

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This Mo Yi….. his actions were pretty hasty. The minute he received the forged letter she had written, he immediately set forth to return and had only used three days to reach the Sect.

Even though she took a ride in the Soaring Cloud Snow Condor, she almost couldn’t catch up with him.

However, to be able to meet here meant heavens was also on her side.

Murong Fei hid the smile in the corner of her lips and her gaze fell onto Mo Yi as she asked frostily, “Who are you? Why didn’t you take your initiative and pay your respects to me when you saw me earlier?”

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Chapter 663