Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 660 – Too underhanded!

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Chapter 660: Too underhanded!

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Huang Yueli grumbled in dissatisfaction, totally forgetting who was the one who had made Liu Buyan so furious in the first place.

But this was good in a way. Although Liu Buyan’s character was slightly vile but his merit was that he was a man of his words. So whenever he had said something, he would definitely fulfil it.

No matter how unruly he was in the beginning, as long as he had verbally agreed to accept patients in the end, he would use all his might to cure that patient. No matter how much effort he had to put in, he would definitely continue with his treatment until the patient is completely cured!

Of course, this had nothing to do with professional ethics or out of sympathy. He was merely an arrogant person who cannot accept his name to be ruined.

Huang Yueli was rest assured as she laid on the bed, resting and waiting for Liu Buyan to start his treatment for her.

Only thing was she had a splitting headache and had originally been on the brink of concussion. She was relying on her willpower to hang on and now that she was finally assured, her conscious instantly started to become blur by quite a bit.

After not too long later, she had fainted once again.

By the time she awoke, the sky had already darkened and apparently it was already midnight.

The splitting headache seemed slightly better, at least she didn’t keep seeing black spots.

Huang Yueli moved her wrists and suddenly, her wrists were held down by another person.

“Don’t move! I’ve painstakingly helped you apply acupuncture and if you move and the needles have shifted, it doesn’t matter if you die but if the news of me treating someone to her death were to spoil my reputation, are you sure you can take up this responsibility?”

Liu Buyan’s tone was engraved with a deep vengeance. It was apparent that he had been suppressing the flames deep within his heart.

Huang Yueli had just woken up from her deep dream and realised that she had been turned face down and back facing upwards, lying on her stomach on the bed.

As for Liu Buyan, no one knew when he had returned and was sitting by her bedside. The joints on his fingers was holding on to a thing golden needle, slowly pricking into her arm.

“Wuuu… so painful!”

A peal of intense pain can be felt and Huang Yueli was caught unprepared, so she moaned out loud!

Liu Buyan stared at her chillingly, “Cry, cry, cry, what are you crying for? Just acupuncture and such a tiny wound, you still dare to cry! As a practitioner, don’t you even have the willpower to bear with this pain?”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she realised that this fellow was doing it on purpose, nursing his grudge and exacting his revenge!

Looked like the things she had said to bully him earlier had made Liu Buyan mad.

Before Huang Yueli could say another word, another needle pricked onto her shoulder and the pain caused the sweat on her forehead to start streaming down.

This stuffy old fox…. He’s too underhanded!

Just as the third needle was about to be pricked, she hastily said, “You think I’ve never done acupuncture before? To feel such pain, you’ve obviously pricked the wrong acupoints! Like what I said, you must be a vagrant scammer. Just this acupuncture skills alone, any roadside true doctor would have better skills than you. You still dare to impersonate Divine Doctor Liu!”

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“Do I need to impersonate?? Can’t you feel that the symptoms had already lessened? This Divine Doctor’s acupuncture will cure all illnesses, so stop talking nonsense!”

Liu Buyan had never expected that his deliberate vengeful way had not only not scare her, but it brought about a fresh suspicion!

Huang Yueli heard his exasperated tone and quietly laughed to herself.

She replied sulkily, “Since when? I still feel giddy? Moreover, the pain I feel had already masked all other senses! Even if I don’t feel giddy now, then it must be because of the pain which had diverted my attention away.”

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Chapter 660