Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 66

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Raising her head, Bai Ruo Yan’s face was full of hatred. Suddenly she felt her nose turn cold.

Feeling her nose, she was startled to see that her nose had started to bleed. Coupled with her dust covered clothes, what part of her seemed like a high society lady. She seemed worse than a beggar.

“Bai Ruo Li, you’re looking for death!”

Hearing the jeers of the passer-bys, Bai Ruo Yan was flustered and exasperated!

“You harmed me like this and still have the mood to be sarcastic? You are too shameless! Just you wait you lowly wastrel, wait for me to find my Second Sister. She will help me vent my anger and ruthlessly beat you up!”

Laughing while shaking her head, Huang Yue Li replied: “Ai, I have meet stupid. But never have I meet such stupidity.”

“What do you mean? ? You say I am stupid? ?”

Sweeping over her, Huang Yue Li beagan: “Are you not stupid? You think that Bai Ruo Qi will plead for you? To tell you the truth, the reason behind your expelling was because of her instigating to Second Uncle today.”

Bai Ruo Yan coldly laughed, “It seems you are the one trying to sow disharmony between us! I am on very good terms with Second Sister, she looks after me in many areas! It was definitely you who said bad things about me to my father. You want to place the blame on Second Sister’s head? You think I would believe you?”

“Oh? You think it was me? Do you think that your father would believe me if I were to say those things to him? He believed one word from me and drove you out of the Manor? It’s very clear the one who badmouthed you was someone your father trusts very much. That’s why you so justly driven away!”

“That’s not possible. It’s not possible…….you must be lying to me!”

“Speaking bluntly, Second Sister is just using you! You helped her with so many things, yet she so easily turned her back on you. So pitiful…….”

“Shut up! Shut your mouth for me!”

What Huang Yue Li said was very reasonable. Bai Ruo Yan’s mind believed it, her heart was not so ready to believe her.

Sighing out, “It’s up to you whether you believe me or not! Tsk, tsk. Being used, yet you are still counting money for them!”

Not speaking anymore, she left.

Turning around the corner, Huang Yue Li glanced back. What she was Bai Ruo Yan staring at the Manor’s gates with an expression of poisonous blame.

Her lips curved up.

Looked like from that moment onwards, those two sisters would become enemies.

One was treacherous, the other malicious. Those two people, who would be the final victor?

By the time Huang Yue Li returned to her back courtyard, the sky had already darkened.

Cai Wei was anxiously running around in circles as she waited. Only when she saw Huang Yue Li step through the doors, did she release a sigh of relief.

“Young Miss, you have finally returned! This servant was worried to death for you!”

“Relax, your Miss is fine! Quickly go and rest!”

Dismissing Cai Wei, Huang Yue Li walked straight to her bedroom.

As soon as she pushed open the doors, she sensed something was off.

Within the air was a thin thread of danger; incompatible with the room’s atmosphere.

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Unconsciously she took out a flying needle. Using a deadly technique, she threw it!

This flying needle was also an uncommon type of Profound Weapon. Under her refinement, its killing power was no less than a blades. And due to its small size, it was very hard to sense.

Even Defensive Profound experts would be hard pressed to defend against this attack once she released it!

However, the moment the needle flew away, Huang Yue Li felt an immense suction force towards her.

The opponent’s power was far too great. She could not resist as her wrists were grabbed, throwing her straight onto the bed!

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Chapter 66