Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 646

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Chapter 646: A marvellous idea

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Little Phoenix hesitated for a while but he knew that he didn’t have much time and couldn’t afford to waste any further. So in the end, it still reluctantly turned back to look at Huang Yueli and fluttering its wings, it flew out of the forest.

Zuo Fangping walked over and with a gloomy face, he squatted next to her.

“Little slut, make a guess which method I will use to kill you?”

Huang Yueli didn’t say a word.

Zuo Fangping leaned in closer and said, “What do you think, if I severed your hands and legs then throw you into the pig cage to wait for death or smear your entire body with honey and throw you into the queen bee’s beehive? Or maybe, I can throw you into the White Headed Meadow Viper’s hole and let them swallow you alive?”

His voice was doleful and scary, and in order to make Huang Yueli terrified, he intentionally listed several sinister and disgusting methods, just to hear her appalling screams.

It would be best if he could make this sharp-tongued wretched lass kowtow and beg for mercy, acting like a fool.

However, there was no expression on Huang Yueli’s face as she silently shut her eyelids.

She naturally knew that the best option now was for her to beg for mercy.

It wasn’t because after Zuo Fangping would let her off after begging for mercy, and in this way, she would be able to delay even more time and allow Little Phoenix to pass the message successfully.

But even though she was very clear on this, she was unable to force herself to bow and bend her knee.

Zuo Fangping grew angrier upon seeing her peaceful look.

He sniggered, “Why? Did you think I won’t do that? Hehe, I’m just thinking these three methods are just plainly too easy for you, so I’ve thought of a marvellous idea…..”

Although these three methods were already disgusting and horrifying enough, but Zuo Fangping still felt that it was an easy death for her and had thought of another perverted way to deal with her?

If it was any other young lady here, she would had already been frightened out of her soul.

But Huang Yueli was extremely peaceful.

Anyway she had already died once before so dying one more time didn’t make any difference to her.

If Zuo Fangping had wanted to torment her, then she wouldn’t obediently allow him to do so. Under no way of retreat, she would choose to self-explode again!

However, that was the last resort and she wasn’t going to do it now. After all, she still had to gain a little more time for Little Phoenix.

Zuo Fangping saw that she wasn’t frightened at all and felt upset.

To say such things to threaten someone was naturally to make the other party as frightened as possible. The more pitiful she cried, the tormentor would feel more pleasurable. If the tormented person had no reaction at all, then it was all meaningless, and even feel a sense of dejection!

Zuo Fangping was currently in this state.

Hence he didn’t hesitate any further and placed his hand directly on Huang Yueli’s chest.


Huang Yueli wanted to say something but suddenly, she felt a somber Profound Energy instilled into her body.

Dark attribute Profound Energy!

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Dark attribute was a rare Profound Energy and was extremely somber and strange. The instance the Dark attribute Profound Energy was instilled into her, she immediately felt cold like ice, as though all her energy had been frozen.

Following that, she felt her brain “hum” as though it was about to explode!

Intense pain raided her next and at the same time, her conscious seemed to turn fuzzy.

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth as she tried her best to bear with this pain, but this was just the beginning. As time went past, the intensity of the pain became stronger and stronger.

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Chapter 646