Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 644

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Chapter 644: Malnourished beansprout

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Just as Zuo Fangping was figuring out his misgivings, Huang Yueli continued talking again.

“Thirdly, which is also the most important point. That is the long sword that you are holding, I’d seen Li Moying welding an identical sword as well. He once told me that this was your Sect’s specially refined longsword and any practitioners who had reached the fifth degree realm will be able to obtain it…..”

“In total, you must have come from the same Sect! And according to my conjecture, you must have taken Murong Ni’s entrustment to help vent her anger, right? She is really an unruly and arrogant Sect’s Young Miss. She was obviously at fault in the first place but still want to come and exact revenge on me and even wanting to claim my life! I really regret that I had given Li Moying face and didn’t kill her!”

Huang Yueli’s calm and collected tone seemed like she wasn’t the one who was held up by the neck.

A wave of peril swirled in Zuo Fangping’s heart when he heard her words!

He had never thought that this ordinary girl would be able to observe that clearly and make such a logical and detailed deduction!

Her guesses were not too far off from the truth.

The only point that was different was the person who had ordered him to kill Huang Yueli was not Murong Ni, but Murong Fei!

But the reason Murong Fei told Zuo Fangping was that Huang Yueli had bullied Murong Ni and challenged the prestige of their Sect!

That was why in Zuo Fangping’s ears, there was no difference between the two.

Zuo Fangping’s expression was unsettled and he quickly thought of another problem.

“What relationship do you have with Li Moying? How did you see Li Moying’s specially crafted longsword? And why did he tell you about the long sword’s history??”

Hearing her talk about Li Moying every second, it was as though she was very close to that terrifying Number One Talent?

But her origin was from the weak little South Yue Kingdom, so how could she possibly know Li Moying?

Huang Yueli threw him a glance and said, “Me? I’m Li Moying’s fiancée… of course, I know you and Li Moying have a feud and you can kill me directly! But Li Moying will definitely look for you to exact revenge!”

Zuo Fangping obviously had a feud with Li Moying and if there were any other ways, Huang Yueli would never choose to expose her relationship with Li Moying which might infuriate Zuo Fangping further and made him do anything extreme.

But now, Zuo Fangping was obviously not going to let her off so no matter what she said, it wouldn’t make any difference so she had no choice but to bring Li Moying out.

It was because when she mentioned Li Moying, she could tell that there was no only hatred and jealousy in Zuo Fangping’s eyes, but there was also a kind of fear, a fear that arose from the inner depth of his heart!

Only a peerless genius like Li Moying would have such deterrent force!

Just hearing his name along would make his enemies tremble uncontrollably!

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As she had no other options to choose from, Huang Yueli could only wish that the other party would fear Li Moying taking revenge and give up the idea of killing her. Although the possibility was low, but this was her only chance!

As expected, when Zuo Fangping heard her words, he was stunned for a few moments.

But not long after, he suddenly started laughing madly.

“Hahaha, laugh die me. You claim you’re Li Moying’s fiancée? Who are you trying to cheat? If you were to claim that you are Li Moying’s sister, I might believe. As for his fiancée….. he would not even lay his eyes on Junior Sister Murong, so what could he possibly see in you, a malnourished beansprout??”

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Chapter 644