Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 62

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“So Second Uncle was doing all this for me. I assumed…that Second Uncle wanted to send me away. You wanted to drive me away from the Back Courtyard so you could go search for things!”

Slowly and deliberately, Huang Yue Li said.

Bai Liu Jing’s heart shook, “Search for what? How come I cannot understand your words?”

Smilingly, Huang Yue Li replied: “Eh? Are you not searching for something Second Uncle? That day when Fourth Sister came to my courtyard, she said that it was Second Sister who asked her to come. She said that you wanted to find a key…..”

Reaching this point, she directed an innocent and naive gaze towards Bai Liu Jing and asked: “Second Uncle, what key are they talking about? How could I have any sort of key? And why are you searching for it?”

Hands shaking, Bai Liu Jing immediately directed a seething glare towards the Manor Madam and Bai Ruo Qi!

The key that Huang Yue Li was referring to, naturally was the key to Bai Liu Feng’s treasure trove!

His older brother the most powerful man in South Yue, had collected countless treasures. He had heard that there were even Sixth Level Pills and Armaments!

The key to these treasure should logically have been be left with Bai Ruo Li. Unfortunately she did not have knowledge.

Bai Liu Jing naturally coveted this key. But he afraid to alert his niece, causing her to open the safe first. So every time he mentioned the topic, he would be very careful and probe around in the dark.

He did not expect that Bai Ruo Qi would leak this out and alerted Huang Yue Li of this affair!

She really couldn’t do anything right! Failing miserably!

If they were unable to obtain Bai Liu Feng’s inheritance, then the blame would be all on those two women!

Currently, Bai Ruo Qi was full of embarrassment. Hastily she said: “Third Sister, what key are you talking about? I have not said anything of the like! And I don’t know what you are pointing at. Fourth Sister recently fell under evil possession and has become muddled-headed. She definitely is speaking mindless drivel!”

“Is that so? But didn’t you just states that Fourth Sister wasn’t possessed by evil but fell under my schemes? Resulting in her naked lap around the streets?”

“It’s…’s not like that. Third Sister, look at what you’re saying. The words that Fourth Sister says when she is muddled cannot be believed. And it wasn’t me who asked her to go to the back courtyard. Please do not wrong me!”

During her little explanation, Bai Ruo Qi was bloodily cursing at Bai Ruo Yan.

Asking her to complete such a little thing and she wasn’t able to. Furthermore, she leaked the news of the key outside!

Now that their father knows, who knows how angry he will become! Really dragged down by her!

Huang Yue Li said: “Then I must have misheard that day! Since it is like this, then Second Sister you must acknowledge you have wronged me? The matter of the Fourth Sister running around naked was the result of her own sickness. Unrelated to me in any way? And the question of my demonic techniques, are but baseless rumors?”

Following this sequence, this was the only possible conclusion.

Bai Ruo Qi could only admit it: “….Yes. Yes, I wrongly accused Third Sister!”

Gently smiling, Huang Yue Li said: “Second Sister, you are the eldest daughter of the Wu Wei Manor. How can you casually accuse people? In the future, do not speak nonsense like that! Just look at your face’s condition. This may become a case of a loose tongue that causing trouble! In the future if you were beaten to a worse state, what will you do?”


Bai Ruo Qi nearly shattered her teeth from biting too hard!

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She being hit and Bai Ruo Yan running around naked, were clearly linked to Huang Yue Li.

But she had found a weak point of hers, forcing her to admit that she had slandered her!

This little slut, not only did she free herself of the mess, she also added such sarcasm. Wasn’t she clearly scolding her of ‘deserving it’ and ‘should have been beaten’ with a raised nose?

Furthermore, she could not say any words in retaliation!

There was nothing more infuriating than this!

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Chapter 62