Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 6

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Sitting on the cold floor, she dazedly opened her eyes. Very quickly she realized that she had unknowingly walked out into the street without a single article of clothing on her. Not to mention that she was currently being encircled by a large ground of people.

Out of instinct, Bai Ruo Yan let out a loud scream. Frantically she tried to used her hands to cover herself up. Unfortunately, if she covered the bottom, she couldn’t cover the top.

Embarrassed to death she shouted out loudly: “What are you doing? Perverts! Scram, all of you scram!”

As she shouted this, she used all her strength to escape.

When she had arrived at a lone corner, her foot suddenly slipped. Fortunately she narrowly avoided falling face down.

The crowd behind her was still discussing away.

“Yi? Don’t run. I still haven’t seen enough! Don’t you enjoy being seen by others?”

“F***, did you guys hear what she just said? She actually called us perverts? Who in the end is the real pervert?”

Seeing the main lead runaway, Huang Yue Li’s eyes dimmed, rapidly losing interest. Standing up, she brushed the dust from off her butt and prepared to leave.

Just as she was about to step into the doorway, she halted her steps.

“Strange. Why I do feel as if someone is watching me?”

Turning around, she quickly scanned for any peculiarities. Seeing none, she turned around again. As she was about to step through the doorway, an immense pressure descended upon her.

Her entire being shook.

The next second, a mysteriously clothed male appeared from around the corner.

He wore a silvery white mask that covered the majority of his face. Only his perfectly chiseled jaw could be seen. His long, black hair hung loosely down, while his cold, thin lips curved upwards, giving off a slightly demonic impression.

Just by revealing his lower jaw and his fair skin was enough to make one possess wild thoughts, guessing away at his appearance. What type of face lay under that mask. What outstanding features he possessed, enough for one to lose their soul.

With a gaze of interest, he pulled on Huang Yue Li.

Within those pupils held a intense power that cause one unconsciously to shudder.

Huang Yue Li’s instinct sensed danger.

Even though her soul had exploded once and could not compare to before, she still could sense danger. It was definitely something ordinary people could not compare to.

Raising her head, she gave the male an icy glare and snapped: “Have you seen enough?”

Stroking his chin, he replied: “Haven’t seen enough.”

They all said that Marquis Manor’s Third Miss was both a cowardly and weak good for nothing person; not a single good point. Presently with the truth in front of him, it seems that the rumors differed vastly.

This Third Miss seemed to have used a secret technique to control that girl previously. Her spirit was quite powerful. Not matter how you look at it, she did not seem to be good for nothing.

Moreover, she was quite two faced, quite nefarious……

This barbed wild rose, although it had yet to bloom had already opened his eyes.

Seeing that he had no evil intentions, Huang Yue Li snorted: “If you haven’t seen enough then take you time to look. This lady shall not keep you company!”

Watching her receding back, the usually frosty face of the man, revealed a rare smile.

“Truly a small fox…..”

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As soon as Huang Yue Li stepped into the courtyard again, she was greeted with the view of Bai Ruo Li’s things. They were messily left about by the servants earlier.

This caused her to wrinkle her brows: “Do they even know about hygiene? They actually threw them everywhere, making me go to the trouble to tidy it up. If I had know earlier, I would have made them slap themselves somemore before allowing them to leave!”

It was that moment that Cai Wei regained consciousness. She then immediately threw herself to Huang Yue Li’s leg side. Clutching onto her leg, she began to wail loudly.

“My Third Miss ah……you died so unjustly…’s no wonder that you spirit did not leave and possesses consciousness……..”

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Chapter 6