Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 589

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Murong Fei immediately stopped her from continuing.

“Stop these rubbish! Since I broke your flower vase, I will naturally find something to make an exact one for you! Tell me clearly, that so-called…. so called fiancée that Senior Brother claimed, what’s her background? What have you discovered in the Dark Moon Forest!”

Whenever Murong Fei mentioned the word “fiancée”, her intonation would suddenly become malevolent and every single syllable seemed to come out through the slits in between her teeth, filled with icy savage.

And she was worried that Murong Ni would not tell the entire truth so she added, “You better say it properly. If you do, not only will I give you that sixth tier spiritual baby pet that you always wanted, I will also help you to seal the pact with it!”

Even if she hadn’t added this promise, Murong Ni would still tell her but since now that she had offered a huge temptation, she became even more energetic.

She was sniggering in her heart, thinking that the sandpiper and clam war together and as she was the fisherman, she stood to gain all the advantages. It would be better if they could fight to their deaths and make Li Moying disgusted!

“Elder Sister, this fiancée of Senior Brother’s…. is some Marquis’s daughter in the South Yue Kingdom. She seems very young and from my estimation, she probably has not reach the marriageable age yet. Moreover her cultivation is not high, seems only to be at the Qi Profound Realm nine level! It seems that it was Senior Brother’s paternal father who set the marriage arrangement for him.”

Murong Fei sneered coldly, “I see! In this case, she’s really a country bumpkin! Keke, for disciples from large Sects like us, our marriages are not decided by our biological parents but only by the Sect! Senior Brother’s marriage cannot be valid at all! What’s more, a first degree realm country bumpkin, how can she possibly be a good match for Senior Brother? This is simply a joke!”

Murong Ni hurriedly added, “That’s right! That was what I had originally thought of as well and I went to warn her that my elder sister, you, are Senior Brother’s future wife. As for such a character like her, she’s not even fit to warm up Senior Brother’s bed!”

Murong Fei silently nodded, “Exactly!”

“But Elder Sister, do you know what she said? She said that she’s Senior Brother’s officially engaged fiancée , moreover, Senior Brother likes her so you’re just imagining that your love is reciprocated!”

“What?? This slut, both her status and cultivation are so lowly and she dares to say this of me?”

Murong Fei was not someone who was easily instigated but the person she minded most was Li Moying.

It was unfortunate that just one hour ago, she had been rejected by Li Moying and just as she was most embarrassed and hurt, she had to hear of such a news.

And what Murong Ni had said was essentially the truth.

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Even though the last sentence was to sow discord, but these words were exactly what Huang Yueli had used to insult Murong Fei. Even if Murong Fei was there in person, Huang Yueli would have said the same things in front of her!

Just because it was all the truth, so it sounded like it had happened in that way.

Murong Ni carried on, picking out parts of her stories, on the happenings in the Dark Moon Forest.

She naturally hid the contents on where she had rivalled for affection of Li Moying and mentioned only about how cocky this fiancée was or how she would use Li Moying as a support to bully her and even influence Li Moying’s shadow guards and Luo Jiyun to revolve around her.

Besides that, she also emphasized that Li Moying’s illness and him being attacked by the Magical Beasts, so seriously hurt to the point of almost losing his life, was all due to…. Huang Yueli!

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Chapter 589