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However, Murong Ni knew that even if she were to fight with her sister, she would not be able to win her.

Besides, this sister of hers was not as elegant as she looked. In the past, there were many female disciples who had a liking for Li Moying as well, but subsequently they had disappeared without a trace.

Murong Ni had long suspected that these matters had something to do with Murong Fei!

But it’s different now.

No matter how much Murong Fei had wanted to keep Li Moying for herself, and no matter how she oppressed the other female disciples in the Sect, it didn’t matter anymore.

Because… Li Moying already had someone who he likes…..

Thinking of this, Murong Ni naturally did not restrain whatever she knew as her words flowed like water, in an attempt to provoke her.

“Of course it’s true, why would I lie to you? I had witnessed it with my own eyes during this trip to the Dark Moon Forest with Fifth Brother! Senior Brother had brought along a young lady and personally introduced her as his fiancée!”

“What? So it’s true?” Murong Fei clenched her teeth as the silk handkerchief in her hand was squashed into a ball.

Murong Ni continued, “Of course what I’m saying is the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Fifth Brother. He had seen if with his own eyes too, and Second Brother, who came later to the Dark Moon Forest, had also seen it.”

“So…. there’s really such a person!” Murong Fei was so jealous that she was unable to maintain her composure.

Murong Ni felt much better after she saw Murong Fei’s reaction.

Huang Yueli was not an easy character to deal with and Murong Ni she was definitely unable to outwit her.

But surely her elder sister was different? As the highly valued eldest daughter of the Sect Master, with an eighth grade talent, she had plenty of schemes!

Now that Murong Fei already knew about the existence of Huang Yueli, she wondered if the two of them were to encounter each other, who would have the upper hand?

The best scenario would be neither side gained an upper hand. Perhaps she might have a chance to take the advantage!

Murong Ni continued to add oil to fire as she intentionally added, “Speaking of this, Elder Sister, yesterday when I was telling you this, didn’t you tell me it’s impossible and Senior Brother would definitely not get engaged to that country bumpkin? Why did you come here to ask again? I heard that you had intentionally boiled a bowl of medicinal cuisine for Senior Brother. How was it, after drinking the soup….. was it effective?”

Murong Ni purposely poked the point where it hurt the most and this was extremely effective.

When Murong Fei recalled the cold manner that Li Moying had treated her, her heart started to fill with anger.

She had thought his nature was just indifferent so she didn’t think much of it. But earlier he had let out such a gentle smile, just from reading a letter or when he was day dreaming by himself, he actually laughed out!

What did it represent?

Murong Fei had also seen couples who were passionately in love and was very sure that it was a display of deep affection!

The fury in her heart could not be suppressed further as a flower vase in a corner was smashed to smithereens with a flick of her sleeve.

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The flower vase dropped heavily with a “ping” and broken into pieces as the fresh flowers fell all over on the ground.

Not only was Murong Ni not anxious upon seeing her fly into a rage, her heart flew with joy.

For Murong Fei to show such anger, this was something rarely seen. But every single time she flew into a rage, someone was bound to get into big trouble.

It looked like Huang Yueli’s good days were coming to an end!

Murong Ni pretended to advise further, “Elder Sister, what’s wrong? Why did you get so worked up? That flower vase was a birthday gift from Sixth Sister several years ago……”

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Chapter 588