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Even Murong Fei had never seen such a smile before!

Just for that one moment, Murong Fei became dumbfounded but after a while, she gradually regained her senses and in her heart welled up a surge of delightfulness!

She had never expected that Li Moying would smile so warmly upon seeing the soup that she made. It looked like he was extremely satisfied with the soup! Luckily all the efforts that she had put in had not been wasted, from flipping classics to search for medicinal cuisines which could help to restore Profound Energy to subsequently paying a high price for the ingredients, and finally to have wasted so much time and effort in boiling the soup…

Murong Fei shyly lowered her chin as she reply coyly, “Senior Brother, don’t just look. Try some?”

Li Moying jolted as his thoughts remained on the kissing scenario when he and Huang Yueli were standing on the deck, the image was charming and gentle so much that he could not help but reveal a smile.

However, at this moment, Murong Fei spoke out and broke into his yearning of his little fox and that made Li Moying upset instantly.

Turning back to look at the soup that Murong Fei made, although the colour was pretty but it looked extremely loathsome and that smell was too rich, which could simply suffocate him to death!

In what way would this soup taste good? It cannot be compared to the porridge and side dish that his little fox made!

As Li Moying was thinking about it, he stood up and replied, “I have no appetite. Please take it back along with you. I want to continue practicing my swordplay!”

Astonishment filled up Murong Fei’s face as she could not understand why had Li Moying’s expression suddenly changed. Why had that warm and gentle expression suddenly disappear within a blink of an eye and changed into that usual chilly demeanour?

But Murong Fei didn’t feel that Li Moying was upset.

After all, Li Moying had just smiled! That shows that he was satisfied with the soup. Perhaps the reason for him not wanting to drink now was because of the immense pressure and all his thoughts were concentrated on cultivation, and not wasting any moment on food…..

Senior Brother had always been like this. Not only did he have an exceedingly refined innate gift, he had also been cultivating hard as always which was why he was able to become the number one expert among the South Sky Region’s younger generation.

When she thought of this, Murong Fei’s heart started to hoist the feeling of admiration.

She used the most gentlest tone that she ever had and tried asking again, “Senior Brother, you really shouldn’t neglect your own well being like this. Even though our Sect and the West Sky Region’s number one Sect have a wager and it’s going to start in a month’s time, as you are our most important chip in the entire Sect and will definitely be fighting in the final round but do you need to push yourself that tightly? Surely you will have some time to finish up this soup right?”

Silence responded to her query as Li Moying had already lifted his Amethyst Light Sword and walked towards the reflective cliff, preparing to practice his swordplay once more.

Murong Fei chased after him hurriedly, holding that bowl of soup in her hand and bringing it to Li Moying once again.

“Senior Brother, please just try one mouth! You won’t need much time….. ah!”

When Murong Fei had rushed upwards, she suddenly came very close.

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Li Moying smelled that indistinct fragrance coming from her and his brows suddenly flashed a sliver of disgust!

These large Sect’s daughters simply loved to empty the entire bottle of perfume onto themselves. But no matter what, they cannot be compared to the natural sweet fragrance coming from his little fox.

He only needed to go near Huang Yueli slightly and he would be drawn in by that fragrance, unable to control his urge to lean in closer and closer, bit by bit.

But the fragrance on Murong Fei was simply overpowering and that made him feel unbearably vulgar, totally unable to accept it!

Li Moying inclined his head towards the side in an attempt to evade but coincidentally, Murong Fei was still holding on to the bowl of soup while rushing towards him. He lost his patience and stuck out his hand!

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Chapter 586