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Beauty’s melodious words was gently flowing as that pair of pretty eyes stayed glued on Li Moying.

However on that peerlessly handsome face was still the usual chilly expression.

A sliver of disappointment winced upon the beauty’s heart as she looked at the powerfully gifted man who had surpassed all others of his kind. Including that devilish handsome face, the number of ladies who liked him was simply too many.

Unfortunately, he acted in the same demeanour towards everyone else, as though he only had cultivation filled up all his thoughts, without any space for any romantic feelings.

Even if it was towards his Master’s daughter, South Sky Region’s widely known number one talented lady, Murong Fei, he was also stingy on giving a sliver of warmth.

Disappointment was a definite answer but Murong Fei’s unbalanced feeling after knowing that Li Moying had treated all the woman in the same way. Since no other women was able to register in Li Moying’s eyes, then this outstanding man would become hers sooner or later!

The reason was because only a lady of her status and innate gift would be compatible with Li Moying. What’s more, the both of them had grew up together since young so they were considered as childhood sweethearts!

For many years, Murong Fei had always been certain of this.

However, just a few days ago when her younger sister Murong Ni had made her way back from the Dark Moon Forest, she also brought back a piece of shocking news!

After hearing this news, she could no longer sit still and pondered incessantly. Hence she decided to take the risk of being chased away by Li Moying and dropped by to test out his reaction…..

Seeing the silent Li Moying, Murong Fei summoned up all her courage and leaned slightly closer to him while stretching out that palate of food in her hands.

“Senior Brother, I’m worried that your cultivation these few days had been too tiring so I’ve specially made you some medicinal cuisine. Please try a little before continuing on your cultivation?”

Saying that, Murong Fei placed the plate on top of the big stone next to Li Moying as her slender fair hand lifted the cover and used the spoon to stir the soup.

The rich, clear soup glistered in a rosy hue and along with the stirring led out a whiff of tempting aroma spreading outwards.

Murong Fei placed the soup in front of Li Moying as she smiled, “Senior Brother, drink a little? I had specially gathered the dews on the snowy peak’s roseleaf flower early this morning, combined with ten over fourth grade medicinal herbs and the tenderloin of the Amethyst Tailed Ferret, boiling it for over sixteen hours before it’s finally done. This soup is best for replenishing Profound Energy and will aid you greatly in your cultivation, please try some?”

Li Moying’s vision fell upon the soup as his heart wavered slightly.

He suddenly recalled the scene several days ago when he awoke on the flying ship and Huang Yueli had personally made him some food.

The food that that little lass made has not consisted of any exquisite ingredients but just an ordinary bowl of minced chicken porridge and a tray of steamed dumplings. However that indescribable great taste was the best thing that he had ever had in his entire life!

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Whenever he thought of how Huang Yueli had treated him ever so gently when he was an invalid, Li Moying’s lips curled upwards very slightly.

Murong Fei’s eyes turned wide as she saw that rare smile on his lips, as her heart went thump, thump, thumping non-stop.

This man…. was really a trouble-levelled evildoer. Usually when he put on that icy look, naturally he looked cool and smart but with this magnificent smile unmatched in his generation, it would put any woman to shame!

And, he actually smiled!

Murong Fei had known Li Moying for years but the number of times he had smiled could be counted using one hand. Yet now, he let out such a warm smile…..

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Chapter 585