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After all, during this entire duration, Mo Yi served as a bystander and saw for himself how Li Moying and Huang Yueli got along.

Between the both of them, Li Moying had always been the spontaneous party and had already let go of his status of the number one expert of the younger generation as he used various means and ways to pursue Huang Yueli.

However Huang Yueli kept rejecting his advances.

Although the actions between them sometimes looked ambiguous and Huang Yueli seemed to have some feelings towards Li Moying. However from the occasional expressions of defeat in his Master’s eyes, it should be because Third Miss had yet to completely accept him!

And this actually made Mo Yi and the rest very surprised.

Even though Huang Yueli had guts, great innate gift and earned the respect of the subordinates, but no matter what, their Master should be more than enough to be worthy of her? If she was dissatisfied with such an unsurpassed innate skilled and peerlessly handsome man, then who did she wanted to marry?

However, the truth was displayed right before their eyes and that was Huang Yueli’s lukewarm reaction towards Li Moying. As a subordinate, they were concerned for their Master under such a situation.

But now that Huang Yueli had displayed the act of revenge on behalf of Li Moying, Mo Yi felt that he was able to see the light in front of the tunnel!

For someone who was able to recall every single word Li Moying had mentioned, to feel anguished for Li Moying’s suffering during his childhood and to exact revenge on behalf of him, without a concern for the risks that she had to face…..

This act….. only proved that Third Miss also liked his Master, right?

Mo Yi felt that he found a crux to the question and naturally could not wait to convey the message to Lo Moying immediately!

He hoped that when his Master saw this piece of news, it would raise his spirits and once he had successfully settled the Sect’s matters, he would be able to arrive earlier to pick up Third Miss…..

Mo Yi had never in his wildest dream, imagined that in Huang Yueli was actually thinking of how to break off the relationship between Li Moying and her…..


Sky Cloud City North Eastern Region.

A majestic mountain stretched into the clouds and hidden in there was the most reputable Sect in the South Sky Region.

As Li Moying sat along the veranda, a white breasted falcon swooped in from afar and circles several rounds in the sky before landing in front of him.

He was holding on to his sword in an apathetic expression but when he saw the bamboo tube on the white breasted falcon’s foot, the expression on his face instantly relaxed and that set of deep black eyes was filled with anticipation.

His jade like fingers gently exerted some force, separated the bamboo tube and removed a scroll of letter.

At the first glance, Li Moying’s eyes dimmed with slight disappointment.

This letter was from Mo Yi, and not his little fox’s handwriting…..

Although he had already expected her not to have any conscious and he gauged that she would probably had forgotten about him, but not having received any letters from her still made him feel unhappy.

Li Moying quickly read further.

It was almost to the ending towards the last part as he got more and more surprised.

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Finally his aloof lips uncontrollably curved upwards.

He hadn’t expected his little fox to….. to do such thing, to vent out his anger for him!

Although he didn’t witness it personally, but just thinking about it, Li Moying could roughly make out the scenario and how pathetic the Crown Prince had been at that time, and how melancholy he felt at that time!

His little fox was really black-bellied to the core. When she wanted to fix someone, she absolutely made the other party live in utter misery, unable to choose between life or death!

And this round, she had done it entirely for him…..

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Chapter 583