Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 578

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The ups and downs had already caused him to enter a perturbed state of mind as he was subjected to torment.

Crown Prince felt that he was about to go mad!

Luckily just at this moment, Huang Yueli seemed to have enough fun or perhaps it was out of her good will that she decided to let him off.

She stood upright and said, “Initially I wanted to cut you up into a thousand pieces to exact revenge for Li Moying. Just too bad, you’re still of use to me so I’ll let you retain your life for a while more! But although I won’t kill all of you personally, whether you can leave the Royal Treasury alive would be another case, so here’s wishing you good luck!”

Saying that, she turned her head to call upon Mo Yi.

“Brother Mo Yi, on the way in, did you fancy any treasures? Whichever you’ve taken a fancy on, just go ahead and keep it! Don’t stand on ceremony with them!”

Mo Yi laughingly replied, “Third Miss, to tell the truth, when I was on my way in earlier, I had already kept some pieces of Magical Beast Cores and Spirit Jades. The rest were all a load of worthless stuff and it was troublesome to move it all so your subordinate couldn’t be bothered!”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Since that’s the case, we should get going as it’s not early anymore!”


Huang Yueli led him out of the Treasury’s main entrance and strutted right out.

Leaving behind them was an immobile Crown Prince whose meridians had been severed for the second time and…. a huge bundle of third and fourth degree realm experts who were clamped up like a bunch of rats.

Imperial Tutor heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Huang Yueli and Mo Yi’s departure.

He tried to shift his Profound Energy to his surroundings in an attempt to shake off the ropes.

“Quickly, everyone work together and blast this clamp apart! Or at least try to loosen these ropes. The clamp mechanism is not too far off, we must think of a way to reach that area.”

“Right, everyone listen to Imperial Tutor!”

The few of them worked hard together and finally broke the rope. Just as they were preparing to break apart the clamp, they felt a slight tremor within the treasury.

“Do any of you…. felt that the room is moving?”

“Yes… don’t tell me you have the same feeling? I thought it was my misperception!”

“It’s real!!”

All of them looked at their surroundings in shock, but the four walls didn’t seem to have any changes. But there seem to be something slightly, barely unnoticeable change…

What kind of situation was this?

Only Imperial Tutor expressed an matchless appalling expression!

“No good, that wretched lass had activated the Royal Treasury’s self-destruction mechanism!”

“Self-destruction mechanism? What is that?” Everyone knew it sounded anything but reassuring and as they were raising questions, they had already started to break out in cold sweat.

Imperial Tutor’s expression became even more imposing.

“This self-destruction mechanism was set up in case of war where if we were to encounter the situation where we were not able to move the treasures in time and did not wish to let the other party gain the treasures so under no alternative would we activate this switch! Once it has been activated, the surrounding four walls will gradually draw close to the core until the walls have completed closed up and all the items are crushed to smithereens! Haven’t you noticed that the surrounding space have been gradually getting smaller?”

The others carefully observed for a moment and everyone’s faces took a huge change!

“It’s really so!”

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“Why did it come to this? What should we do?”

“That’s it, don’t tell me I’m really going to die here?”

“Imperial Tutor, Sir Imperial Tutor! Quickly think of an idea, how can we escape from here?”

Everyone were shooting their mouths off pleading with the Imperial Tutor for help.

However, in the Imperial Tutor’s heart, he was even more anxious and uncertain than anyone else!

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Chapter 578