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Following each movement made by Mo Yi, Li Mojun let out several blood-curdling screeches.

When Li Moying had severed his meridians previously, it was done instantaneously. But when Mo Yi did it this round, it was done by crushing each meridian one by one, and the entire process was extremely long.

Li Mojun could distinctly felt the pain from every single inch of his meridian being crushed.

This type of pain seemed to come deeply from the soul, causing him totally unable to suppress his volume.

“Bai Ruoli! You’re looking for death… you….. you dare…. to do…. this to me…. I will… will…. not let you off…”

Huang Yueli heard his clamouring but there wasn’t a trace of fear on her face. Instead it was filled with a relaxed smile.

“Look at what you’re saying, since Crown Prince had no intention to let me off, then even if I were to let you off now, it would be useless. So I might as well take the opportunity to torture you now, otherwise if you were to make reprisals against me in future, won’t I lose out?”


Crown Prince was rendered speechless.

Because what Huang Yueli said was absolutely right! Since she knew he would take revenge, of course she would have to eliminate him completely! If he was in her shoes, he would do the same too.

If he wanted Huang Yueli to let him off, by right, he should entreat piteously.

But for such an arrogant person like Crown Prince to beg Huang Yueli, he was not able to open his mouth at all.

It was because of his hesitation for just that quarter of an hour, the splitting pain from his severed meridians quickly made him abandon his last pride and started pleading for mercy.

“Bai… Third Miss Bai, please have mercy…. I beg you…. please let me go… let me have a straightforward…”

Crown Prince tossed and turned as he rolled around the ground, repeatedly pleading for mercy.

Hearing his bouts of sorrowful pain, even the Imperial Tutor and others had turned green from fright, drained of all colours.

All of them casted their sights on Mo Yi and Huang Yueli, their gazes filled with terror and revulsion, but they did not dare to let out any sounds just because they were afraid of diverting their attention to their side, henceforth causing them to fall into the same tragedy!

It was to the extent that Crown Prince had almost fainted from the pain before Huang Yueli asked Mo Yi to stop.

Li Mojun’s face was pale-white as cold sweat had drenched his entire body. Due to the tossing and turning and struggling on the ground, his clothes were sodden with dirt as he look utterly grimy.

At this present moment, he did not look one bit like his usual aloof demeanor. Instead he looked as dirty as a roadside beggar.

Huang Yueli slowly walked in front of him and stopped.

Li Mojun was unable to speak any words out so he could only looked at her bitterly.

Huang Yueli lowered her tone as she spoke, “Crown Prince, do you think I’m too vicious? No matter how you begged, I didn’t let you off? But that year, when a six year old child was whipped by you, bitterly pleading for mercy, have you ever thought of letting him off? When he was made to kneel by you on that icy cold ground as a punishment, have you ever thought of letting him off? He was only a child and he had a weak disposition, without even a bit of cultivation talent!”

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Her voice was very light and soft, as though it was reverberating from somewhere faraway.

But when he heard these words, Crown Prince’s heart became abnormally shocked and surprised.

The child she had spoken of…. naturally was Li Moying.

Crown Prince had never thought that Huang Yueli would torture him in this way just because she was taking revenge for Li Moying!

Huang Yueli continued, “Crown Prince, did you know why Li Moying’s potential had long surpassed you but yet he had been silently tolerating, and not kill you? Did you really think that with the so-called status of a small country’s Crown Prince, it was enough to scare him off? Or did you think he was kind enough to treat you like his own brother?”

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Chapter 576